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About Minitab, LLC

Minitab knows it's no small feat to work in a world of numbers and percentages. The company develops software that enables companies to analyze statistical data for quality improvement, training, and consulting purposes. It also markets to colleges and universities which use the company's applications in the classroom to instruct statistics students. Clients have included BASF, DuPont, Toyota, Cisco, and ExxonMobil. Minitab's original software was created in 1972 by three statistics instructors at Penn State, including company CEO Barbara Ryan.

Geographic Reach

Minitab's statistical software is used in more than 100 countries by thousands of companies. It is also used to teach statistics in more than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide.

Sales and Marketing

Minitab serves a global clientele in part through a network of systems integrators, software distributors, and other partners that sell, implement, and service the company's products. It has subsidiaries in the UK, France, and Australia.

Customers using the company's statistical software include Boeing, DuPont, Nestlé, Nissan, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Toshiba, and Xerox.


To stay ahead of its competitors the company focuses on rapidly improving its products, services, and processes.

In 2015 Minitab released a cloud-based Monte Carlo simulation product designed to guide engineers through the process of entire simulation and optimization process. The product, called Devize, lets users to make models of outcomes and offers results with straightforward explanations.

In 2013 the company launched Qeystone®, a cloud-based project portfolio platform designed to help company executives understand, manage, and monitor their organization's Lean Six Sigma program.

Company Background

Minitab's statistical software was used by Ford Motor Company in preparation for the 2011 launch of the automaker's new Fiesta model. The company's design of experiment (DOE) tools helped Ford analyze data from experiments used to determine the best way to manufacturer interior carpet.

Diesel engine maker Cummins used Minitab's Quality Trainer product the previous year to educate quality assurance employees from a variety of professional backgrounds about the statistics they needed to apply to improve product quality and production processes.

Minitab's original software was created in 1972 by three statistics instructors at Penn State. The company was later formed and subsequently spun off from the university in 1983.

Minitab, LLC

1829 Pine Hall Rd
State College, PA 16801-3008
Phone: 1 (814) 238-3280

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
President and CEO: Barbara F. Ryan
President: Charles Snellgrove
Vice President: Ryan Yearick
Employees (This Location): 276
Employees (All Locations): 296