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About Garmin

Garmin was founded by Dr. Min Kao and Gary Burrell in October 1989. The founders had one goal:  to integrate the latest Global Positioning System technology into navigation devices across new markets. Dr. Kao led the way in innovating the designs that were critical to the creation of the original Garmin products. The company went public in 2000 and today has over 16,000 employees operating out of 82 international offices. 


Garmin offers a huge variety of products, ranging from popular fitness watches to cutting-edge aviation navigation products and software. There are products for automotive, aviation, fitness, outdoor, marine, and health needs, all designed with the latest GPS technology and other features that puts Garmin products ahead of the game. Some of Garmin’s most successful consumer products are its health and fitness watches. Not only can the watches track distance and location, but they can capture other health information to help users better understand their health and fitness. Heartrate monitoring uses Garmin Elevate technology which uses an optical (PPG) sensor on the back of the device. By shining a green light through your skin and receiving the reflection of the red cells in skin’s blood vessels, the Garmin Elevate technology can track your heartbeat. 


Not only does Garmin provide industry-leading products, it offers world-class educational opportunities to learners of all ages. The company was built on innovation and ambition, so naturally it passes along that passion through various programs. The Educators Summit teaches educators at all levels the latest in STEM and the importance of inspiring students to explore STEM. The FIRST Robotics program mentors student teams in engineering and leadership. These are just a few of the programs Garmin sponsors and runs in order to live out its mission to foster and provide the best in consumer technology. 


Garmin is made of a team of engineers, information technology experts, operations specialists, and more. All of these roles, from design to marketing to sales, are critical to Garmin’s success as an industry leader. Garmin knows the value of technology and science and how important it is to every aspect of our lives. Consumers can be assured, whether flying a plane, taking a walk, or going on a road trip, that they can rely on Garmin products to get them where they need to go.


MUehlentalstrasse 2
Schaffhausen 8200
Phone: 41 52 630 1600

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
Co-Founder & Exec. Chairman: Min-Hwan Kao
Pres, CEO & Director: Clifton Albert Pemble
Employees (All Locations): 16,000

Major Departments & Practices

Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing & Communications