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About Double Verify

Double Verify, also known as DV, was founded on a clear mission: to foster a better advertising industry that is beneficial for brands and consumers alike. DV’s most important innovation is digital ad verification. With DV Fraud Lab and Semantic Science, the company can detect and target harmful schemes and digital fraud so that the internet can support honest, quality advertising. The global company has been operating since the early 2000s and provides services across every major vertical, including financial services, telecom, automotive, retail, CPG, travel, luxury, pharmaceuticals and more.

The DV Fraud Lab was launched in Tel Aviv, Israel. The lab is made of a team of leading data scientists, mathematicians, and analysts that research the latest technology and developments in advertising as well as the technology that harms advertising by putting out schemes and viruses that work against honest advertising. The team is constantly on the clock, monitoring internet ads, running scenario management, and doing key research to lock in on fraudulent activity. 

In Helsinki, Finland, DV’s Semantic Science headquarters is a hub for deep research into digital text and semantics. The team creates AI-driven ontological tools that have a critical understanding of digital text. The team is led by linguists and software specialists. They are “responsible for developing the world’s most comprehensive general-purpose ontology—identifying over 200,000 language-independent concepts, using more than 5 million rules to determine the correct meaning of a word.” With this deep grasp of how digital text works and speaks, brands are better protected from fraud and viruses, allowing advertisements to do the work they’re meant to.

Hundreds of the Fortune 500 advertising companies use DV software to make advertising better and safer. The DV Authentic Ad is a certifiable honest advertisement, protected with DV’s innovative software and researched for quality and accuracy by the team of data analysts at DV. The vision is simple: to create a digital environment that is safe, honest, and beneficial for everyone involved. Through its fraud protection and keen ad research, DV is fostering that ideal digital world.

Double Verify

233 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 631-2002

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Mark Zagorski
Employees (All Locations): 470

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New York, NY (HQ)
Chicago, IL
Ghent, NY

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