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“CEO/CFO/CIO/CMO - need to be removed >nepotism rampant”

Good for millennial's in software development looking for growth but only really hiring in India and off-shore, if you are in anything other than administration and managing the real business great work life balance and benefits. They pay me well but I don't worry about the rank and file.


Sr leadership lost touch and protects poor leadership / no accountability for poor exec. mgmt and cost overruns effect bonus pool - performance reviews occur in the new year after increases already decided - HR will comment they are to be trusted but all benefits are outsourced so the amateurs that they are don't care about real talent - anyone worth moving up is discouraged and made to feel inferior. Company will never try an IPO as we lose money!!

Advice to Candidates

unless you have an employment contract that protects you (and they won't give that to you) this company only is interested in sales and their reference-ability to garner larger clients will not happen - products are good but serviceability and management is terrible - CIO/CFO/CMO/CEO couldn't care less about the talent - real shame - only hiring off shore because those people need the jobs at low wages - typical private company enabling the Sr mgmt and family Bentley's

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