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About Basecamp

Basecamp began in 2003, but wasn’t always a SaaS company. It began as a web design firm, offering redesigning services to companies looking to simplify and improve their web presence. This vision for clarity and simplicity was highly important for Basecamp, and it's what inspired the company founder Jason Fried to take a look at how his own company functioned. Bothered by the clutter and confusion caused by too many emails, the team at Basecamp created an internal project-management tool that allowed for communications and collaboration on a single platform. After a few months of seeing great improvement in daily business practice, Basecamp began offering the tool to customers. By 2004, Basecamp became what it is today and began offering their software as a service. 

Basecamp’s project management software has a myriad of features that help streamline productivity. Projects can be split into organized teams, message boards allow for clear communication that’s separated by project or team, and automatic check-ins keep things moving along. These are just some of the elements that make Basecamp so impactful. Basecamp combines the functions of multiple work apps into one so all work can stay organized yet collaborative. Basecamp offers its software to customers of all sizes and types, from large companies like Autotrader to small, private law firms. Those clients can also be involved in the Basecamp platform. The software allows companies to provide access to customized parts of their Basecamp platforms so that clients can be in the loop about their projects. 

Basecamp also offers software that extends past their original product’s capabilities. HEY is a software that organizes emails from outside organizations or parties so companies can seamlessly integrate that communication into their work. Both Basecamp and HEY are the basis of four open-source software offerings from the company. Ruby on Rails is a programming software for application creation. Trix is a rich-text editor that provides space to edit messages, comments, articles, and lists. Turbolinks allows for faster web navigation and lastly, the JavaScript framework called Stimulus augments HTML and can pair with Turbolinks for better application and web function. Overall, Basecamp is a small company that packs a huge punch, focusing on helping companies achieve their full potential by making the logistics the least of their problems.


30 N Racine Ave #200
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (773) 517-4688

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO & Co-Founder: Jason Fried
Employees (All Locations): 57