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About Spectra Logic Corporation

Spectra Logic answers the phone when companies call for backup. The company provides tape- and disk-based data backup libraries, upgrades, cold storage, private, public cloud, and archive systems. Customers in the federal, media and entertainment, high performance, computing, video surveillance, finance, and energy sectors use its disk arrays and tape libraries to protect their data. The company creates customized storage systems that integrate third-party hardware and software with its own products. Spectra Logic maintains partnerships with major vendors that have included Avid Technology, Microsoft, NetApp, Acronis, and XIO.


Spectra Logic's products include innovative features, such as its tape libraries with LTO-6 tape drives, integrated data encryption, media health monitoring, and low power consumption. There are two main methods to integrate BlackPearl, using the SDK integration method, the client application directly issues write and read commands to BlackPearl, and the files are actually transferred by and through the client application. The RioBroker software application is designed as a simple interface layer allowing a RESTful file transfer API that intelligently manages jobs in BlackPearl. Spectra Logic's BlackPearl NAS is the optimal platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage for data that does not require continual backup. 

The company's active archive solution is a combination of open system applications, different types of disk and tape hardware that intelligently monitor and migrate data across multiple storage devices while maintaining fast user accessibility. Spectra Logic's easy-to-manage archive solutions, such as storage management software, low-cost tape, disk, and object storage systems make archiving easy and affordable. Backup solutions simply safeguards or protects the data that is being used by copying data. 

Geographic Reach

Spectra Logic is based in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in Australia (for its Asia/Pacific/Japan operations) and the UK (for its European operations).

Sales and Marketing

Spectra Logic markets its products with its technology partners such as, ARCHIWARE, Atempo and Atto Technology. Certified BlackPearl clients include Aveco, Dalet, Eon Browser and VSN. The company's customers are primarily in federal, media and entertainment, high performance, computing, video surveillance, finance and energy industries.


In late 2020, Spectra Logic established a collaborative relationship with Dalet, a global leader in media workflows. Dalet joins Spectra's certification program to deliver a fully integrated solution that combines Dalet Galaxy five with Spectra's BlackPearl Object Storage platform, providing a unique media asset management platform that extends from content creation to asset preservation. Bringing greater efficiencies and ease of use to users in media and entertainment, the joint solution encompasses production, asset management, orchestration, storage tiering and intelligent lifecycle management.

Company Background

Spectra Logic Corporation was founded in 1979 by Nathan C. Thompson, while attending the University Of Colorado College of Engineering in Boulder, Colorado. Originally called Western Automation, the company later acquired the assets of an interface firm known as Spectra Logic and, in 1993, the combined company was renamed Spectra Logic Corporation. 

Spectra Logic Corporation

6285 Lookout Rd Ste 100
Boulder, CO 80301-3318
Phone: 1 (303) 449-6400

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
CFO: Brian Rome
CTO: Matthew T. Starr
CEO: Nathan C. Thompson
Employees (This Location): 250
Employees (All Locations): 260