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About Micron Technology, Inc.

Micron Technology is one of the largest memory chip makers in the world. It makes DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), NAND Flash, and NOR Flash memory, and other memory technologies. Its memory and storage solutions enable disruptive trends, including artificial intelligence, 5G, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles, in key market segments like mobile, data center, client, consumer, industrial, graphics, automotive, and networking. Micron's products are offered under the Micron, Crucial, and Ballistix brands, as well as private labels. Micron generates nearly 55% of revenue from US.


Micron operates through four segments centered on its markets: Compute and Networking Business Unit ("CNBU"); Mobile Business Unit ("MBU"); Storage Business Unit ("SBU"); and Embedded Business Unit ("EBU").

The largest segment, accounting for about 45% of sales, is the Compute and Networking Business Unit, which sells products for the enterprise, networking, graphics, and cloud server markets. Mobile Business Unit generate more than 25%, which includes memory for smartphone, tablet, and other mobile-device markets. The Storage Business Unit contributes more than 15% of revenue, includes includes SSDs and component-level solutions. About 15% of revenue comes from the Embedded Business Unit, which makes memory and storage products for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.

About 65% of revenue comes from DRAM products and NAND Flash memory products supply the rest. DRAM and flash are sold throughout each of Micron's segments.

Geographic Reach

Boise, Idaho-based Micron generates about 55% of its revenue in US with the rest comes from Taiwan, Japan, and other Asia/Pacific region countries. The company has fabrication and assembly facilities in China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US. The company makes its own products in a dozen plants throughout the world.

Sales and Marketing

Micron sells to equipment manufacturers and retailers via a direct sales force, third-party sales representatives, and distributors. The company sells its Crucial-branded products through a web-based customer direct sales channel, as well as through channel and distribution partners.

Micron's gets about 10% of sales from Huawei and Kingston.

Financial Performance

Micron's financial results for the past five years were typical of the cyclical semiconductor industry – up and down, but trending higher. The last two years, however, have been straight up, delivering record revenue and net income.

In 2019, (ended September), revenue fell 23% to $23.4 billion from $30.4 billion in 2018, primarily due to pricing declines resulting from the challenging memory market environment in 2019.

The company recorded net income of $6.3 million, a decline of 55% compared to its $14.1 million in 2018, primarily due to decrease of revenue

Micron's coffers held $7.3 billion in cash and equivalents at the end of 2019 compared to $6.6 billion the year before. Operations generated $13.2 billion and investing activities used $10.1 billion and financing activities used $2.4 billion in 2019. Micron used 2019 main cash in expenditures for property, plant, and equipment, and repayments of debt.


Micron expand portfolio of DRAM, NAND, and NOR solutions to the automotive market, as well as its extensive customer support network, enable to maintain its strong leadership position in this market. In 2019, the company introduced its UFS 2.1 managed NAND portfolio, based on its reliable automotive-grade 64-layer 3D TLC NAND, that features ultrafast boot-up time with up to three times the sequential read-performance of e.MMC-based products. It also introduced the industry's first 1TB TLC NVMe automotive SSD.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2019 Micron Technology acquired Fwdnxt, a maker of hardware and software tools for artificial intelligence deep learning applications. Fwdnxt's technology is to help Micron explore deep learning tools required for data analytics, particularly with internet of things and edge computing applications.

In early 2019, Micron gained full control of IM Flash Technologies, the company's joint venture with Intel. The IM Flash acquisition will enable Micron to accelerate its R&D and optimize its manufacturing plan for 3D XPoint.

Micron Technology, Inc.

8000 S Federal Way
Boise, ID 83716-7128
Phone: 1 (208) 368-4000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Publicly Owned
Stock Symbol: MU
Stock Exchange: , NASDAQ
VP Finance and CFO: Ernest E. Maddock
President and CEO: Sanjay Mehrotra
Chairman: Robert E. Switz
Employees (This Location): 400
Employees (All Locations): 40,000

Major Office Locations

Boise, ID

Other Locations

Folsom, CA
Milpitas, CA
San Diego, CA
Longmont, CO
Boise, ID
Meridian, ID
Minneapolis, MN
Austin, TX
Tomball, TX
Manassas, VA
Bengaluru, India
Higashi Hiroshima, Japan
Nagoya, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Ota-Ku, Japan
Sagamihara, Japan
Tsukuba, Japan
Glasgow, Scotland
Singapore, Singapore