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About Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

Fujifilm's main businesses, over 85% of revenue together, are document operations and healthcare and materials. The document business sells printers and office products, and provides manage prints services. The Healthcare & Material Solutions business's products include diagnostic instruments such as X-ray and ultrasound machines, as well as pharmaceuticals. The company's imaging unit, which makes photographic films and papers, digital cameras, and photofinishing equipment, is its smallest. Customers overseas account for over 55% sales. Founded in 1934, the company's first product was film for motion pictures.


Fujifilm's document solutions business generates about 45% of revenue. Besides printers and office equipment, the segment has a commercial printer business that provides high-speed digital printing systems and printing workflow tools.

The Healthcare & Materials segment, about 45% of revenue, has businesses in medical systems, pharmaceuticals, bio CDMO, regenerative medicine, and life sciences, as well as display materials, industrial products, electronic materials, and fine chemicals.

The Imaging Solutions business, about 15% of revenue, makes photographic equipment as the Instax instant camera, digital cameras, and optical devices such as lenses.

As of March 2020, the company has over 315 consolidated subsidiaries.

Geographic Reach

The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Financial Performance

In FY2019, FUJIFILM recorded ¥2.3 trillion in consolidated revenue, a 5% decrease compared to the previous year. This is caused by factors such as a sales decrease in the photo imaging business, optical device and electronic imaging business, and document business, although sales increased in the medical systems business, bio CDMO business, regenerative medicine business and electronic materials business.

Net income attributable to FUJIFILM Holdings was ¥125 billion, a 10% decrease from the previous year.

The company's cash for FY 2019 was ¥396.1 billion. Operating activities generated ¥255.7 billion, while investing activities used ¥244.9 billion, mainly for acquisitions of businesses. Financing activities used another ¥250.9 billion, mainly for equity transactions.


The company promotes its growth strategy by consistently anticipating the future and centering on a variety of technologies such as optics, chemicals, and electronics.

Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

2250 Martin Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95050-2704
Phone: 1 (408) 565-9150

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President Mems Operations: Darren Imai
Director Research Science: Youming Li
Director: Martin Schoeppler
Employees (This Location): 206
Employees (All Locations): 230

Major Office Locations

Santa Clara, CA

Other Locations

Santa Clara, CA
Lebanon, NH