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About Datalogic Usa, Inc.

Datalogic USA helps replace the "cha-ching" of a cash register with the beep of a bar code scanner. The company's multi-platform scanners, scanner/scales, and handheld readers are used for retail checkout, and for access control, inventory management, parcel shipping and sorting, electronic medical records management, and other functions. Long an expert in bar code data collection, the company also develops products for the radio-frequency identification (RFID) market. Customers include American Express, DHL, FedEx, IBM, Medtronic, Safeway, Tellabs, and the US military. A division of the Italy's Datalogic SpA, Datalogic USA has a global presence in around 30 countries. The company lays claim to selling the top two bar code scanning products.

Geographic Reach

Datalogic USA has its headquarters, research center, and manufacturing facility in Eugene. Oregon, It sells products around the world and has sales and service operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Datalogic USA distributed in 28 countries, with 10 manufacturing and repair facilities in the USA, Brazil, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, China, Vietnam and Australia.  Datalogic S.p.A. The Group is headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Sales and Marketing

The company's scanners and other equipment are used throughout the retail supply chain, in distribution, manufacturing, government, health care, and banking and finance. Other customers include Poste Italiane, SIEMENS, Supergroup, and The Gabrielli Group.

Datalogic USA has expanded the functionality of its scanners and readers to include growing markets such as health care, airport security, banking, and insurance. The scanners can be used for access control in airports, image capture in banking and insurance applications, and counterfeit detection and authenticity verification for passports and government-issued identification cards.

Within the health care market in particular, the transition to electronic medical records has created opportunities for the use of Datalogic equipment. Its scanners and readers can be used in functions such as bedside point-of-care, patient identification and medication verification, hospital equipment and inventory management, electronic drug ordering and identification, and laboratory specimen tracking. Datalogic also offers a disinfectant-ready enclosure for equipment and devices that need to be cleaned after contact with patients.


In 2020, Datalogic announced the availability of the new Memor K mobile computer, a powerful, pocketable companion for any data capture application in the retail store, manufacturing floor, or distribution center. The Memor K stands out on the market for its unique features, combining high performances with very small dimensions and excellent ergonomics.

Datalogic Usa, Inc.

959 Terry St
Eugene, OR 97402-9150
Phone: 1 (541) 683-5700

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Interim CFO: Stefano Biordi
CEO, Datalogic ADC; Group CTO: Pietro Todescato
Chairman and CEO: Romano Volta
Employees (This Location): 207
Employees (All Locations): 848

Major Office Locations

Eugene, OR

Other Locations

Telford, PA
Greenville, SC
Singapore, Singapore