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About Canon Virginia Inc

Canon Virginia provides contract manufacturing and parts fabrication services. The company assembles new and remanufactured office equipment, including copiers, toner and toner cartridges, and laser printers. Its manufacturing capabilities include plastic injection molding, metal fabrication, and metal stamping. In addition to assembly, it offers painting and packaging services, as well as reverse-logistics contracts. The unit also provides return product repair services. Canon Virginia is a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., the US arm of Japanese imaging giant Canon. Canon Virginia was founded in 1985.


In addition to manufacturing and repair, Canon Virginia provides marketing, engineering, technical support, information technology, and call center for the Canon Americas organization. It has expanded its offerings over the years outside of the core copier business to include toner manufacturing and the refurbishment of items including Canon cameras and video recorders.

Canon Virginia served as an in-house contract manufacturing arm of Canon until 2005, when it began to serve outside customers, as well. The company has bucked the trend toward moving manufacturing jobs to overseas locations where labor costs are lower. The leadership of Canon Virginia recognized that the assembly jobs that were being moved offshore were not coming back to the US, and began to acquire businesses that would create long-term opportunity in the US. The jobs created through the company's change in focus require more skills and education and pay better; the jobs include maintaining and upgrading equipment at the plant.

Geographic Reach

Canon Virginia operate five facilities with some 2 million sq. ft. of space, including its headquarters in Newport News, Virginia.

Sales and Marketing

The company's customers include consumers, dealers, and professional organizations.


The company added toner manufacturing operations in June 2013, investing $27 million in manufacturing expansion efforts to better serve users of Canon color copiers.

In 2011 Canon Virginia became part of a collaboration between local universities -- University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Virginia State University -- and manufacturers in Virginia. Research costs and benefits will be shared by member companies. The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing includes Canon Virginia, Chromalloy, Newport News Shipbuilding, and Rolls-Royce among its initial members.

In 2009 the company opened a new cartridge production facility at its Canon Virginia corporate campus. The facility incorporates Canon's high-speed, automated technology for cartridge production. Earlier that year the company expanded its Industrial Resource Technologies Inc. (IRT) subsidiary's facilities, which recycle and reclaim used toner cartridges.

Canon Virginia Inc

12000 Canon Blvd
Newport News, VA 23606-4201
Phone: 1 (757) 881-6000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President: Wesley R Firman
Principal Engineer: Edward Lewis
Information Technology Procurement manager: Andy Sullivan
Employees (This Location): 1,500
Employees (All Locations): 1,700

Major Office Locations

Newport News, VA

Other Locations

Newport News, VA