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About Alienware Corporation

Aliens have landed in Florida and they're spreading! Relax, they come in peace. Based in Miami, Alienware caters to consumer video game enthusiasts in the market for high-performance gaming PCs with striking case designs. Sporting names like Area-51 and Aurora, the company's colorfully appointed systems utilize processors, video cards, and storage components optimized for gaming applications. Its PC's are further differentiated by customized cases, upgraded power supplies, and multiple cooling fans. Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell.


Suppliers to Alienware include Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Microsoft, graphics chip maker NVIDIA, and disk drive manufacturer Seagate Technology.

Geographic Reach

The company has branch facilities in Australia, Costa Rica, and Ireland.

Sales and Marketing

Like its parent company, Alienware (acquired in 2006) built its fortunes selling directly to customers. However, as Dell has expanded its marketing efforts with channel sales, Alienware has moved into the retail space. Dell has a partnership with Best Buy to sell Alienware models in their stores. As time goes by, Alienware is becoming more of a brand within the Dell product line, rather than an autonomous subsidiary.

Alienware Corporation

14591 SW 120th St
Miami, FL 33186-8638
Phone: 1 (305) 385-0292

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Employees (This Location): 490
Employees (All Locations): 490

Major Office Locations

Miami, FL