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About Shoreline Partners LLC

A plan for the Shore

Shoreline Partners was opened in 1992 when friends Phil Currie and Mike Brustkern decided to create a firm designed specifically to serve middle-market companies.  Two years after, Tim Malott joined Phil Currie in the San Diego office.  The team changed the firm’s name to Shoreline Partners, LLC, and by 1999, Shoreline became a well-known investment bank throughout California.  In 2000, Shoreline expanded and started serving clients in Nevada and Arizona.  The firm opened its initial office in Seattle but has since expanded with a San Diego office where it is now headquartered.  Today, the firm focuses on representing companies that bring in revenue of $10 million to $200 million.  Shoreline also employs an experienced team of investment bankers, many of whom have been business owners in the past.  It is the adviser of choice of privately held middle-market companies in California, Arizona and Nevada.

They’re here to serve

The firm’s acquisition department includes a bevy of subservices: research of potential target companies, database searches and attention to what clients can gain from acquisitions.  Additionally, the unit takes into account a number of different factors before undertaking a transaction, such as financial and strategic compatibility, geography, corporate culture and management.

Shoreline also works to help companies build exit value by creating a plan to make its client company as attractive as possible as a target.  The plan includes finding and building upon companies' competencies and making sure firms have a clear exit strategy.  On its site, Shoreline also provides an interactive “value calculator” that companies can use to see if they are a good candidate for selling off their business.

Once a company’s candidacy has been established, Shoreline’s sales and divestiture department comes into play.  This area approaches prospective buyers with the right background and qualifications to be a buyer, helping target companies obtain their highest value.  Additionally, this unit helps to work out the fine details of tax matters, consulting agreements, payment structure, leases and future operational issues.  Finally, Shoreline’s transaction financing unit helps its clients find financing solutions for acquisitions, expansion, refinancing and for a range of corporate-related issues.  To do this, Shoreline evaluates a business’s financial state and helps to negotiates collateral, repayment plans and other terms for the firm.

Keeping busy

The firm has served as advisor for a spate of notable privately held companies, including advising WD-40 on its sale of some of its manufacturing operations to VML LLC and advising Borrego Springs Bank on the sale of its majority ownership to the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians.  Although it mostly serves privately held companies on the smaller end, Shoreline works with acquirers of all sizes.

Shoreline Partners LLC

6310 Greenwich Drive
Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: (858) 587-9800

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner: Phillip L. Currie