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About Mizuho Financial Group

Part of Japan's second largest

Mizuho Corporate Bank is the corporate and investment banking unit of Mizuho Financial Group, Japan's second-largest financial services group.  Other banking subsidiaries of Mizuho Financial include Mizuho Trust and Banking, Mizuho Corporate Bank and Mizuho Securities.  In Europe, Mizuho Corporate Bank is headquartered in London, with additional continental European offices in Paris, Düsseldorf, Milan and Moscow.

The banking group that came to be known as a "fresh rice harvest" (that's what "mizuho" means in Japanese) was first created as a holding company when three large Japanese banks -- Dai-Ichi Kangyo, Fuji and Industrial Bank of Japan -- merged in September 2000. The combined group grew quickly, first with the October 2000 merger of the three's respective subsidiaries (the securities subsidiaries created Mizuho Securities, and the trust bank subsidiaries formed Mizuho Trust and Banking).  In April 2002, the three formed a new wholesale banking subsidiary.  The retail banking branches formerly under Fuji Bank were transferred to Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, which was then renamed Mizuho Bank.  Fuji Bank's corporate division was consolidated with the Industrial Bank of Japan and named Mizuho Corporate Bank.  These changes led to the establishment of the Mizuho Financial Group at the beginning of 2003.

Who it serves

Catering to a wide ranging clientele, Mizuho Corporate Bank focuses its efforts on major corporations listed on domestic (Japanese) stock exchanges, financial institution and their group companies, public sector entities and overseas corporations including subsidiaries of Japanese corporations.  To these clients, Mizuho offers a range of business strategies and financial services, including deposits and lending, financial products, investment banking and custodial services, securitisation of client assets, real estate finance, acquisition and corporate revitalisation finance, syndication, bond administrative service, project finance, market products, sales and trading, trading based on advanced risk management systems, financial services, settlement and foreign exchange, Yen clearing services, Yen custody services, next-generation supply chain management, CMS, various EB services, asset management, and investment trust-related business.

Mizuho Financial Group

Bracken House,
One Friday Street
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7012 4000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chief Executive: Yasuhiro Sato
2009 Employees (All Locations): 49,114

Major Office Locations

London, United Kingdom