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“Unique Culture, Underdog, Strong in Hard Assets”

I liked that the firm is global and sort of an "underdog" in that it has grown so quickly over the past decade but still is not the top 3 in most markets. Still has a feel of being able to call anyone worldwide in NY, London, Sydney etc. and have a connection.

The quality of people is quite high. I had no joke, about 7 interviews to get the position within the natural resources private equity group - from initial HR call, to a second HR call, to the MD, a VP, to the Head of the Group, to a psychometric and business test, to a "lunch test", to a final case study. They also plotted my results vs. all past Macquarie employees, and those who didn't score >50th percentile were dinged right away.

They have however really built an expertise in hard assets like infra, natural resources etc. This really shows in the technical expertise of the teams with engineers, geologists, specialists also on finance teams.

In my group, we had a really narrow and profitable niche that made us a lot of money per deal, but the deal flow was slower. It was a very specific type of deal that we went for, and we would sift through hundreds of companies / projects before closing something. Sometimes it was 6 - 8 months before a deal closed or more. Experience wise, this didn't give me as much volume of deals to build off of. Also it just wasn't as stimulating as it could have been.


I found pay to be an issue compared to peers. The pay was not bad, but also was not great and it seemed to be more based on "group performance" than individual performance.

Prestige is not quite there compared to other big banks perhaps. Also the investment banking and S&T franchise isn't very strong, at least in Canada and US.

Advice to Candidates

Overall, I'd say take a job here. It's an interesting company, the culture I find is overall cooperative, innovative, and unique. Clearly they've been doing well overall and growing quickly. And there are global opportunities in the company to be able to move and live in other markets and countries.

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