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“Culture is very open and inclusive”

“The scope to develop”


“The standard investment banking lifestyle”


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“Premier institution”

“Important, but does not compare to Goldman Sachs”

“Winner in the crisis: great bank, strong brand”

“Big—one of the largest banks in the world”

About J.P. Morgan (Europe)

J.P. Morgan provides asset management, investment banking, treasury and securities services, private banking, and commercial banking services to some of the world’s largest clients. J.P. Morgan is headquartered in New York, and has international offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Mumbai, among others. In Europe, in addition to London, its offices are located in cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Frankfurt, Prague, Athens, Istanbul, Dublin, and Glasgow, among others.

J.P. Morgan is part of New York-based JPMorgan Chase & Co., a financial services firm with approximately 257,000 employees. JPMorgan Chase also provides consumers and small business with a range of financial services and products. J.P. Morgan’s storied history, which includes several mergers, dates to 1799, when the New York State Legislature chartered The Manhattan Company to supply "pure and wholesome" water to the citizens of New York City. J.P. Morgan also has European roots. When J. Pierpont Morgan established J.P. Morgan & Co. in New York in 1871, the bank initially served as a New York sales and distribution office for his father’s firm, J.S. Morgan & Co., an underwriter of European securities.

In 2000, the Chase Manhattan Bank merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. In 2004, Bank One and JPMorgan Chase joined forces, with the CEO of Bank One, Jamie Dimon, taking over the combined firm’s reins. In 2008, JPMorgan Chase famously picked up its ailing competitor Bear Stearns. Although the firm weathered the financial crisis better than most of its peers, a 2012 trading loss in excess of $5 billion tarnished the firm’s relatively clean record.

Today, the firm is the top underwriter of global debt and equity underwriting volume on Wall Street, and one of the leading investment banks when it comes to global M&A deal volume.

J.P. Morgan (Europe)

25 Bank Street
London E14
Phone: 020 7325 1000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase: Jamie Dimon
2020 Employees (All Locations): 256,981