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Interview Process

The firm accepts applications/resumes and decides which ones to interview on campus. Typically, there are two rounds of interviews. After a candidate makes it through the first-round interview (usually conducted by a less senior employee that went to the school), he or she will have 2-3 second round interviews with a more senior manager (or managers) and at least one HR business partner. Recently, the second round decision has been made on the same day as the first round interview, and then the second round interview takes place on campus the following day. Formerly, the second round interview took place several weeks (or even a month) after the first round interview and happened at the hiring company site.

For MBA hiring, Citi Cards is looking for employees with leadership potential and who can work well in large, matrixed organizations. As such, they should have a proven track record of "leading without authority" and being strong team players. Creative and strategic thinking in addition to analytical aptitude will also be important for most positions within Citi Cards.

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