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About Vangst

The cannabis business is one of the fastest growing new industries in the United States. Finding capable, talented, and passionate individuals to join this exciting new industry as committed employees is critical to the industry’s continued success and survival. Vangst was founded in 2018 to help cannabis companies find those unique individuals. The company is the leading talent resource network for cannabis companies. Vangst operates out of one of the capitals of the cannabis industry, Denver, Colorado.

Vangst helps prospective employees and companies find each other. The network has the most up-to-date information on full-time positions and part-time gigs in every facet of the industry from cultivation centers to store associate positions at retail dispensaries. Whether companies are brand new with teams of less than ten people or well-established businesses of 1000 or more employees, Vangst is able to connect them with the best and brightest individuals looking to make an impact in the industry. Companies who have utilized Vangst’s network have a 91 percent success rate for senior roles that are often difficult to fill and keep filled in the niche industry. Vangst’s team is a combination of talent and human resources experts as well as cannabis industry educators and researchers. Together, with cutting edge talent technology, the team can place the right individuals in the right positions, helping not only a single company but the whole industry.

At Vangst, teamwork is the name of the game. All employees, from software engineers to candidate success associates, work together to foster beneficial relationships between new employees and companies. Creating a collaborative, welcoming network that allows for communication and progress is the main goal at Vangst. The company has made a huge impact on the cannabis industry, serving as the leading talent resource since its founding.


205 Detroit St
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (720) 588-3852

Firm Stats

Founder CEO: Karson Humiston
CFO: Matt Karlin

Major Office Locations

Oakland, CA