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The Grove is a Nevada-based cannabis dispensary with two locations, one in Nye County and the other just outside the iconic Las Vegas Strip. The vertically integrated cannabis operation is run by a diverse team of experts across fields to provide detailed and extensive knowledge on all aspects of the cannabis industry. From medical professionals to horticultural experts and culinary specialists, each individual at The Grove brings a unique skillset that bolsters the company’s industry-leading research and production of cannabis plants and products. The Grove operates its state-of-the-art cultivation and production facility in Nye County, NV. The facility works to curate and cultivate strains that are both in high demand and difficult to find. 

The facility is a 26,600-square-foot warehouse of pure positivity. The products are created from in-house raised cannabis flowers. Both concentrates and edibles are produced with the all-natural plants at the facility. What makes The Grove’s facility unique are its growth techniques. It avoids fancy, new wave methods of indoor growing and instead has designed an ecosystem “that mimics the growth conditions found in nature.” It does this by using an LED light system that “simulates the full spectrum of natural sunlight.” Not only is it mimicking the sun, the system progresses in intensity and quality to match with the natural cycles of day and night during the harvest season. And with all-natural soil and natural methods to control pets and fungus, the plants cultivated at The Grove’s cultivation center are the key to its all-natural and simply made products

The Grove offers a wide variety of products, including pre-rolls, vaporizers, essential oils, and edibles. In addition to offering its own products, The Grove has an exclusive licensing agreement with O.penVAPE. The Grove distributes all of O.penVAPE’s products in Southern Nevada. The Grove and O.penVape also collaborate in O.penVAPE’s Organa Labs to manufacture cannabis oil with state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology to create products for medical patients who rely on safe and purely derived cannabis products. 

The Grove is Nevada’s premier all-natural cannabis business. Its unique growing methods allow for the highest quality product, and its collaborations with O.penVAPE have bolstered its product offerings immensely. The work the company does is critical to the Nevada cannabis industry. By focusing on its local area, the industry can grow organically within the community, thus creating a safer, more accepting environment for cannabis consumers.

The Grove

1541 E. Basin Avenue
Pahrump, NV
Phone: (775) 556-0100

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Founder, Owner, and CEO: Demetri Kouretas
Employees (All Locations): 100

Major Office Locations

Las Vegas, NV

Major Departments & Practices

Owned Brands
Merchandising and Inventory
Facilities Finance and People Experience
Brand and Marketing
Community Happiness
Product/Design/Engineering and Analytics
Legal Affairs