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About Seed & Smith

Seed & Smith was founded in 2014. This Colorado-based cannabis business came out of what founder Truman Bradley called a “surfeit of mass-produced, low-quality cannabis in Colorado.” Bradley wanted to create a sleek and inviting retail experience that could provide a cannabis product that was high quality, made with only the best plants and in the safest, most transparently run manufacturing environments. At Seed & Smith, customers can get an inside look at how their products are made. Whether it is through free tours of the facility or the thorough education and guidance provided with products at purchase, Seed & Smith fosters one of the most welcoming and effortless cannabis purchasing experiences in the industry.

Because of the dedication to perfection and quality at Seed & Smith, the company has just two dispensary locations to ensure the highest quality in every facet of the facilities, from growing to selling. The original location is in Denver, CO. The other is just a few hours away in Louisville, CO. At both locations, all products are created by the in-house research team alongside the expert growers to bring the best and most unique strands to its customers. Seed & Smith sells cannabis in flower and concentrates, as well as the Seed & Smith Dart and the Seed & Smith pre-roll pack.

Seed & Smith is fostering a cultural shift around cannabis and its uses. At its dispensaries, cannabis experts give tours of the process, from growth to packaging, to ensure total transparency and the most thorough understanding of what actually goes into preparing safe and beneficial cannabis products. The company is committed to educating the public about cannabis and its benefits, thus creating a space for cultural growth and the end of cannabis prohibition.

Seed & Smith

5070 Oakland St.
Denver, CO 80239
Phone: (720) 506-2533

Firm Stats

CEO: Brooks Lustig

Major Office Locations

Denver, CO