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About LeafLink

LeafLink is revolutionizing B2B commerce. And it isn’t just reinventing the business to business supply chain, it’s doing so in the growing cannabis industry. Ryan Smith and Zach Silverman founded LeafLink in 2016 with the goal to “streamline the cannabis supply chain.” Just a year after processing its first order, the company had reached $100 million in annualized orders. The new methods and models for business to business transactions created by LeafLink have proven to be critical for over 8,000 businesses in the cannabis industry. 


LeafLink helps distributors and brands connect to retailers. It fosters a seamless connection between companies so everything from initial communication to closing deals can be done easily on one platform. Through LeafLink, companies can send and receive orders, connect to the largest network of compliant cannabis businesses, track order statuses with user-friendly dashboards, and communicate with easy to use messaging features. Distributors and brands can reach out to retailers and vice versa, empowering cannabis companies to connect with each other and create mutually beneficial relationships. LeafLink is live in 30 markets and manages 39 percent of all United States wholesale cannabis. 


From data and analytics to marketing and logistics, the team at LeafLink is working to create what brand marketing director Becca Schwartz calls an “entire cannabis ecosystem.” LeafLink is bolstering the capabilities and connections in the cannabis industry not only to empower and improve the business side of things, but help foster a culture with a better understanding of cannabis and its uses, benefits, and positive impact. LeafLink partners with the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit founded by “a coalition of cannabis industry leaders, executives, and artists dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry.” The cannabis industry must also work to help folks who have faced legal injustice because of the criminalization of cannabis. This commitment to justice is what has strengthened LeafLink and made its impact on the cannabis industry even more important.


80 Broad St
New York, NY 10004
Phone: (855) 273-6769

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Co-Founder CEO: Ryan G. Smith
SVP CFO: Adam Boone
Employees (All Locations): 174

Major Office Locations

Denver, CO

Major Departments & Practices

Data & Analytics