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About Holistic Industries


Holistic Industries began in 2011. CEO and founder Josh Genderson took on his family’s wine and spirits business, an establishment that had been in his family for three generations in Washington DC. The store was called Schneider’s and was located just near Capitol Hill, serving members of Congress and lobbyists after their hard day’s work. Genderson was able to tune into the inside scoop on Capitol Hill, and saw the beginnings of new legislation regarding cannabis. In 2012, after gaining new distribution rights for his family business, Genderson won the grower/processor license for cannabis in Washington DC. He visited places like Colorado and the Netherlands to learn the best techniques and key science behind operating the best cannabis facilities. He truly learned the value of his new business endeavor when he learned about the necessity of medical cannabis in many people’s lives.


Josh Genderson began to learn about families with children diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. The most effective medicine to curb the seizures children suffered was high strain-CBD medical cannabis. Families would smuggle in the medicine into states and places like DC that did not have legal access. This sealed the deal for Genderson to start working to create a legal, safe business that provided cannabis to people who needed it most. In 2013, Holistic Industries began construction on its first cultivation center of high-CBD strains of medical cannabis.


Today, Holistic Industries has made an important legal and cultural impact regarding medical cannabis. It is one of the “largest private multi-state operators in the United States and runs fully vertical operations (from seed to sale) in California, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Michigan.” With 300 employees, all ranging in expertise from expert cannabis cultivators to medical professionals, the team is a tight-knit, collaborative group that is pursuing its original mission to provide safe, high quality medical cannabis from a welcoming, transparent, and affordable environment to patients who need it most.

Holistic Industries

NE, DC 20007
Phone: (866) 217-4063

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Josh Genderson
CFO: Barry Bass
Employees (All Locations): 300

Major Office Locations

Monson, MA
Madison Heights, MI