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About Green Thumb Industries


Green Thumb Industries was founded in 2014. Founder and CEO Ben Kovler began the company to end what he and his team at Green Thumb call “Prohibition 2.0.” The goal is to make cannabis available, accessible, and safe. Simply put, it is a “cannabis
consumer packaged goods company.” Green Thumb is home to a family of independent brands who all believe in the power and benefits of cannabis. Green Thumb partners with brands that “expand our collective consciousness around cannabis” through empathy and education. Its brands include Rythm, Dogwalkers, incredibles, Beboe, Dr. Solomon’s, and The Feel
Collection. From pre-rolls to edibles, essential oils to CBD therapies, Green Thumb provides a wide variety of cannabis products with high-quality benefits.
Green Thumb has 13 manufacturing facilities and 97 licenses for retail locations. It operates across 12 United States markets.
The company also has several retail brands, including Rise, Essence, Bluepoint, FP Wellness, Affinity, and Summit. Each retail experience is unique. Rise has 31 stores in nine states and provides services for both medical and recreational needs. Bluepoint
focuses on medical cannabis needs, and Affinity has two storefronts, both in Massachusetts. From its signature brands to its various retail experiences, Green Thumb is making cannabis accessible and safe for all customers. Green Thumb operates in every facet of the cannabis industry, from growing the plant to selling products in retail storefronts.
Expert growers, accounting specialists, social impact directors, brand ambassadors, graphic designers, software engineers, and more all make up the team at Green Thumb.

Each role is integral, as the company rarely outsources its duties. It needs every
team member to make the mission possible.

Green Thumb Industries

325 West Huron St.
Suite 412
Chicago, IL 60654

Firm Stats

CEO Founder and Chairman: Ben Kovler,
Director and CFO: Anthony Georgiadis
Employees (All Locations): 1,700