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About Dutchie


Dutchie was founded in Bend, Oregon, by brothers Ross and Zach Lipson. Ross had started an online food ordering service in Canada in 2008 called GrubCanada. It was acquired by Just Eat in 2012, but the experience in online ordering service made a huge difference in the founding of Dutchie. While standing in line at a dispensary after moving to Bend, Ross realized the potential in bringing the ideas he had with GrubCanada
to the cannabis industry. Dutchie is a platform where customers can search and shop from their favorite dispensaries in the area. The company specifically works with
only the best cannabis dispensaries to “ensure only the highest quality products and service.” The Lipson brothers created the platform with the cannabis industry in mind, so compliance, taxes, discounts, and other factors of the industry are already taken into account, to make the customer experience as fast and simple as possible. Dutchie has completed up to Series C round funding. During that round, the company raised $200 million and was valued at $1.7 billion. It acquired the cannabis retail company Greenbits and the cannabis software provider. LeafLogix at the beginning of 2021, bolstering its capabilities and position as a leader in the growing cannabis industry.Not only does Dutchie help customers purchase cannabis products through the ease of the internet, it also aims to educate customers and help them discover what products work best for them. Making informed decisions when purchasing cannabis is critical. Helping customers do so is a huge priority according to the Lipson brothers.Just as Dutchie looks out for its customers by providing all key information about various dispensaries, the company prioritizes its employees’ wellbeing by providing unlimited PTO, flexible hours, a fully stocked office kitchen, and more. Since the headquarters is located in Oregon, skiing is a major hobby, so Dutchie has what it calls “Powder Days.” Whenever the mountain conditions look good, employees can take the morning to hit the slopes, or if skiing isn’t their thing, take some extra hours to relax and recharge.Dutchie was founded so that cannabis can be safely utilized for all of its benefits. Whatever customers’ needs are, Dutchie can match them with the right dispensary and product and help them purchase it online. It is helping to make the industry safer and more accessible by fostering a welcoming and educational online environment, something new to the cannabis industry.


Bend, OR
Phone: 866-838-8244

Firm Stats

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer: Zach Lipson
Co-founder and CEO: Ross Lipson,
Employees (All Locations): 300

Major Office Locations

Bend. OR