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Founded in Utah in 2019, Dragonfly Wellness is not only a pharmacy but also grows and manufactures cannabis products. Because Utah does not allow the smoking of cannabis, the dispensary provides it in the form of edibles, oils, topical creams, and vaporizing cartridges. Cited as one of the 2021 Best Cannabis Companies to Work For, the company operates 50,000 square feet of cultivation space in Moroni, UT, as well as its retail pharmacy in Salt Lake City.

“We see ourselves as community advocates and pioneers in the space for social justice, social equity, bringing control back into the patients’ hands and taking it out of big industry,” the company has stated. Minority- and female-owned and -operated, Dragonfly Wellness is also focused on fostering inclusion and diversity within its organization, and says it looks for people “passionate” about the industry to work in its pharmacy, where the staff not only sells cannabis products, but to also “empower[s] the local community to make better choices about healthcare.” Experience is essential in the company’s hiring process, and for lead cultivation positions, the company looks for candidates who have experience in growing quality cannabis at scale. “We never just hire somebody who wants a job,” the company has said, instead hiring those who “align with our company values.”

Currently, Dragonfly Wellness does not offer health care benefits to its less than 70 employees, but is in the process of vetting different insurance program options and plans to provide more traditional healthcare benefits once the company is larger and can qualify for employee-sponsored health programs. However, the company does offers employees a monthly stipend to purchase their state-allotted amount of medical cannabis (113 grams of unprocessed flower in a 28-day period).

Dragonfly Wellness

711 South State
St. Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 413-6945

Firm Stats

Managing Partner and CEO: Hoang Nguyen
Chief Strategy Officer: Narith Panh

Major Office Locations

Moroni, UT
South Salt Lake City, UT