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Canopy Growth is a Canadian company that was founded in 2013 with one key product: cannabis. It is an industry leader in diversified cannabis and cannabinoid-based consumer products. Canopy aims to do more than simply provide cannabis products. The company is working for cultural change in the way we understand and utilize cannabis. Canopy is striving for a healthier, better relationship to cannabis than ever before. It offers projects in various forms, including high-quality dried flower, oils, soft-gel capsules, edibles, and more. 

Canopy is home to several brands based in Canada and abroad. Tweed is a highly recognized cannabis brand that, like its home company, facilitates conversation in addition to providing quality products. Martha Stewart is new to the portfolio and offers natural, gourmet flavored gummies, soft gels, and oils that perfectly combine the expert culinary skills of Martha Stewart with the innovative cannabis science at Canopy. Other brands include Biosteel, Houseplant, Tokyo Smoke, Deep Space, Twd, Quatreau, Simple Stash, LBS, DNA Genetics, DOJA, Surity Pro, Ace Valley, and Vert.

The cannabis industry is quickly evolving as the conversation around it is moved forward thanks to companies like Canopy. The company works hard to innovate and progress with product diversity, research, and supply-chain advancements to stay ahead of the game as the industry grows and develops. Spectrum Therapeutics is one of Canopy’s research brands, focusing on “developing and researching clinically-ready, whole-plant cannabis drug formulations and dose delivery systems.” Spectrum Therapeutics is validating cannabis as a treatment option where treatment with cannabis is legal. The Canopy Innovation Lab works outside just the world of medical cannabis by developing new products and ways to consume as new legislation and framework around cannabis progresses.

Canopy Growth is a young company with a huge voice. Not only does it provide some of the most popular cannabis brands, it is pursuing research and science to validate those brands and promote\ continued progress in the cannabis industry.

Canopy Growth

1 Hershey Drive
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 0A8
Phone: (855) 558-9333

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Employer Type: Public
David Klein
Employees (All Locations): 4,434

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