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“Business Analyst”

Cool projects to contribute to if you are in the right group.


The exploration of contract employees, being paid to do more for less. Some signs of discriminations loom in their hiring practices.

Advice to Candidates

So much can be said about working at Ford, specifically as a contractor. But this review is based on my recent interview experience. The role was within Ford's GDIA group, I was contacted by a staffing agency that was impressed by my resume. They believed I would've been a good fit for the role and we agreed that I be submitted to the client. I worked at Ford a year ago and was being submitted at the same salary I had when I left. I didn't like this as the role was more senior but I felt "Hey, why not give it a shot?" within a couple of days I was notified through the staffing agency that Ford wanted to set up an in-person interview. I interviewed with 2 people, (One Senior Project Manager and One Program Manager) the interview was your standard but boring template based approach (in their words) after the interviewers asked their questions they opened the floor up to me to see if I had any of my own. There was one question I asked regarding their expectations for someone in this role. The program manager decided to answer by saying "That is for him and I to know and you to find out" I guess she didn't like proactive questions such as these. But this role would've required someone to wear two different hats, so I felt a question regarding expectations was fair to ask. Word of advice, anytime an interviewer is unable to answer a fair question is a red flag. Ford tends to exploit contractors by having them work more for less, so keep that in mind.

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