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“Siemens Energy is currently not a good company for a career”

Most peers are good, supportive and friendly. The facilities are good.


Many managers are only looking for themselves, and only help those employees that are within their friends.

Advice to Candidates

I have worked for Siemens Energy for many years. The company has progressively declined over the last years due to terrible management, at all levels. As in any job, there are good and bad people. There is ongoing uncertainty and lack of direction from US and Germany-top management- about the future of the company, which continues to divide departments and layoffs employees. Managers who only think about the advancement of their careers, licking the boots of their bosses -there is no need to describe how this affects employee morale. In short, I will soon leave the company, since Siemens is not what it was and I know that many more employees are feeling the same way. If you want to work in a place where you will not have opportunities to grow, unless you have friends in managment positions, Siemens is the right place for you.

At all levels the company continually incur in bad practices (administrative and technical), to the detriment of the projects, schedules and the most important, the quality of the products (turbines and generators), which continue to erode the image of the company. This is critical and will possibly be the downfall of Siemens Energy.

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