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“30 years of hell, seriously”

The health benefits package is very good.

When I was hired, the Teamster's Union offered pensions, but they do not offer these now.


Almost too many to enumerate. I logged in here, for the first time today, just to let outsiders know, who are considering applying for a job with UPS, to save yourselves the misery!! It is amazing to me that UPS has a good reputation. People have no idea what it is like to work for them--simply awful.

Case-in-point: I have been with the company for over 30 years (because I am tough and stubborn, and want my pension from the Union). Anyway, today, I had to write a Grievance Report, for the umpteenth time, in order to defend myself from UPS management. They try to fire you for any little excuse they can find. They'll set you up. The harassment is endless.

Advice to Candidates

(There's a word limit, so I'm gonna cram this in.) The mindset of management is to treat employees like expendable, sub-human animals. It is degrading, demoralizing, back-breaking work. You can never please them. The more you do, the more they want. They will scream at you, threaten you with warning letters, suspension, termination, etc, all the time. They give you a lousy ten minute break every 4 hours. You will be made to work in warehouses that are made of metal, in the heat, where there is no temperature control, and be expected to sweat for hours while they sit in air conditioned offices. The truck trailers heat up in transit, when they sit in the sun, and when they are opened, bam, you are hit with a wave of heat like an oven. You will spend all day unloading heavy bulk from these trailers. One of my coworkers literally died after his shift one hot summer day two years ago. He was leaving for the day and dropped dead by the guard shack. New hires don't stay long. Yesterday, 3 quit. No one wants to put up with the BS here. New generation won't stand for it. We can't get enough help. Those that do stay drink power drinks all day to keep up. It is like a jungle. Some of the lowest-class people too. Bottom of the barrel. I tell new hires to get the heck out. Mgmt is lying, slimeball sort. Trying to drive all of the full-timers out bec. they don't want to pay benefits. An entirely PT workforce would be cheaper. It's unsafe. They never fix stuff when you report an issue to them. If you hurt yourself, you better not fill out an incident report! They'll tell you you're fine. They'll punish you by assigning you the worst jobs, will belittle you to others, and yes, they even fire people who have been injured. Mgmt included. It is understood that you don't report injuries so they can make their safety numbers look good. Not convinced? Read all the reviews you can find on the internet. Believe the bad ones. It's all TRUE.

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