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“Work Here at Your Own Risk”

Pay is good & overtime. That's all I can think of.


Terrible management. Sure the money is really good but putting up with arrogant, abusive managers is not worth the pay. Any other company would not put up with a bad culture but for unknown reason, the people running this plant have no personal or communication skills and will make your life miserable. It's not right and I deal with them on a daily business. There is a serious hiring problem here. You would think the company would do something about this but they won't fire or deal with the real problem: bad management.

HR is there to protect the company. So, if supervisors and managers discriminate, harass, and make sexual comments to their own employees which they do on a DAILY basis, and you go to human resources to report the situation, the whole thing will backfire on you and either your job is suddenly on the line or it is a matter of time and you are fired for something non-related. Over and over I have seen this and it's just certain people's response in a leadership position to dismiss an accusation of what really probably happened. This is how they treat people who stick up for themselves.

This is a terrible environment. I hate going into work every day. There is also a large family who works here with plenty of nepotism and they will go to great lengths to cover for each other. If you're not "in" with them they will put you "out." Let's put it this way: we have such a high turnover, and although the pay is good. People who manage this plant will always say, "everyone wants to work but nobody wants to make money." This is not the case. I have done my research and an employer with a high turnover is always a huge red flag.

Advice to Candidates

Trident Seafoods in Motley has a rampant, systemic problem of very terrible leadership and the company covers this up on a daily basis and in the name of artificial crabmeat, certain people who contribute and endorse the hostile atmosphere in this plant work with immunity and take absolutely no responsibility for their actions and how it affects the lives of decent people who's only business is to provide for their family. Hundreds of people cannot be wrong. The only thing I have going i hope that their luck will run out and they will have to one day be responsible for their actions. I have faith.

There is a serious problem in this plant. The company does not seem to care one bit and it is scary to what extent they will go to protect certain supervisors who in my opinion and the opinion of many, many people have no business supervising people. If you decide to work here, my advice to you is DO NOT report anything because the company will always turn it on you and suddenly your job is on the line and that will never change. It bothers me to say my job is a terrible place to work and I often wonder why I stay.

I have no advice to management here. I've given up doing what I feel is right and instead playing the game so I can provide for my family. It gets old holding my breath and ignoring bad behavior but I do this every week. Any advice would be ignored and I just say proceed with what you feel your company should do. This is my advice because the only faith I have in my employer is that the truth will eventually come out.

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