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About Reinhold Industries, Inc.

Reinhold Industries has a grip on the aerospace and defense industry. The company's Aerospace segment makes structural components using ablative (heat resistant) composite materials for military goods (missiles and smart bomb systems), as well as components used on solid rocket boosters for the Space Shuttle. Its Seating Products unit makes aircraft seatbacks, while its Commercial segment makes products, including thermal insulation and sheet molding used in water filtration and lighting equipment and in various other aerospace and commercial applications.

Change in Company Type

In mid-2013 Reinhold agreed to be acquired by California-based aerospace firm HEICO Corporation. Reinhold is currently owned by private equity firm The Jordan Company and will become part of HEICO's flight support group.


Reinhold is considered a leading producer of components in the solid rocket propulsion industry. It also makes rocket nozzles, exit cones, re-entry heat shields, radome sleeves, shrouds, covers, fins, strakes, and frames for missiles (Minuteman III, Sea Sparrow, and Hellfire, among others). It additionally provides radar transparent composite components for the Apache helicopter.

The Seatbacks division produces composite parts from carbon and fiberglass fibers reinforced by epoxy, phenolic, and other resin systems. The raw materials are molded into complex shapes, which are lighter in weight and maintain their strength, unlike metal, which will suffer fatigue when shaped. In many cases Reinhold structures require no separate attachments, as the product is molded along with the hardware as one solid piece.

Its Commercial Products business formulates and manufactures a branded composite material known as RhinoLite, which is made from glass fiber, thermosetting resins, and other proprietary ingredients; it resists corrosion from chemicals and ultraviolet effects. These proprietary sheet molding compounds are preferred over traditional metal and are used in products that will be subjected to harsh and destructive environments.

Company Background

Reinhold Industries was founded in 1928 as Reinhold Engineered Plastics; it initially focused on producing molding components from Bakelite, the first commercial polymer molding material. In the 1940s, Reinhold made some of the earliest fiberglass plastic components for the aircraft industry, including radomes and antenna covers. Jordan Company affiliate Reinhold Acquisition issued a tender offer for Reinhold Industries' shares in late 2006. It spent more than $40 million to purchase the company.

Reinhold Industries, Inc.

12827 Imperial Hwy
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-4761
Phone: 1 (562) 944-3281

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Investment Officer: Wanda Morrison
Research and Development Engineer: Ramin Ranjbar
Project Engineer: Victor Rodriguez
Employees (This Location): 145
Employees (All Locations): 149

Major Office Locations

Santa Fe Springs, CA

Other Locations

Oxnard, CA