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About Sgl Composites Inc.

HITCO hits the heights with its complex carbon-based composites. The company manufactures composite materials, as well as large complex shaped composite structures (aerostructures) primarily for military and commercial aircraft. Carbon and graphite composite products are combined with insulation components and thermal fabrics (nonwovens and metal foils) to meet the high-temperature (and lightweight) requirements needed in the aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical processing, electronics, and power generating industries. HITCO's hits include tail cones and nacelles. In late 2015, the company was acquired by Avcorp Industries.


The company offers turnkey services for complex shape composite structures for military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and launch vehicles. It has made assemblies for all generations of the nuclear-powered submarine, and has counted the US Navy as a customer for half a century. It provides such services as inspection and machining for its advanced composite materials and metals.

HITCO's five major products include wing skins, tail cones, pressurized bulkheads, AFT-fuselage sections, and control surface materials. Products incluyd the C-17 Tail cone and the Delta IV nozzle assembly.

The company's fabricated insulation division uses high temperature fabrics, nonwovens, and metal foils to create products such as firewalls, splash shields, manifold covers, and heat exchangers. It also manufactures carbon brake materials for use on military and commercial aircraft, high-performance race cars, and in other high-value industrial applications. Its REFRASIL brand silica-based woven textile products are specifically designed for high temperature use. The product line replaces asbestos and is available in a variety of forms, such as woven fabrics and tapes, non-woven blankets, bulk fiber, modules, papers, braiding yarns, sleeving, rope gasket, and cord. Applications include shipbuilding, power plants, metal fabrication, nuclear energy, glass plants, and aircraft industries.

Its testing and laboratory facilities included a process development laboratory used to develop and test material performance, including an advanced radiographic facility, as well as a number of product development and research labs.

Financial Performance

HITCO is part of its parent's Aerostructures segment, which generated 24% of its total revenue in 2013. This segment also achieved growth of 26% from 2011 to 2012.


HITCO has goal of becoming the top Tier II Aerostructures supplier for commercial aviation, military, and space applications.

To enable the company to produce a fully automated broad base of high quality composite products, HITCO has recently installed three Automated Tape Laying Machines and an Automated Fiber Placement Machine.

To improve its manufacturing efficiencies, in 2013 HITCO selected Plataine Technologies as its provider of production optimizer software at its Gardena, California plant.

In 2012 HITCO received a contract from Boeing for Boeing 777 Empennage Rib Chords.

Company Background

Harry I. Thompson founded "Thompson Glass and Paint Company" in 1922. The company sold window glass, plate glass, and mirrors. SGL Group, a major supplier of advanced carbon and graphite applications, bought the company in 1997 and renamed it HITCO Carbon Composites, Inc. after Harry I. Thompson.

Sgl Composites Inc.

1551 W 139th St
Gardena, CA 90249-2603
Phone: 1 (424) 329-5250

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Operations Manager: Edward Carson
EHSA Manager: Simon Ricks
Senior Human Resources GENERALIST: Kathy Sanabia
Employees (This Location): 20
Employees (All Locations): 90

Major Office Locations

Gardena, CA