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About Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

General Dynamics subsidiary Gulfstream Aerospace is flying high as one of the world's leading manufacturers of business jet aircraft. The company's fleet consists of eight types of aircraft at varying price and performance levels, ranging from the smallest plane, the eight-seat G150, to the newest and largest, the 18-seat G650. It also provides aircraft sales services for those looking to buy or trade in a pre-owned Gulfstream aircraft through its Gulfstream Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales unit. In addition, Gulfstream offers maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services to its customers through a network of about a dozen company-owned service centers worldwide.


Private companies and individual customers together account for approximately two-thirds of Gulfstream's total orders. Among companies, Gulfstream routinely markets its business jets to growing international corporations that need frequent and fast transportation. It also provides aircraft for the government and military sectors, which use the planes to transport heads of state and engage in special missions, such as aerial reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, weather research, and astronaut training.

Geographic Reach

Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Gulfstream operates in 12 locations spanning Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida, California, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, and Beijing. Additionally, it has over 30 service centers worldwide.

Financial Performance

In fiscal 2014 the company's revenue increased 7% to $8.7 billion, due to an increase in deliveries of large-cabin aircrafts along with a rise in number of aircraft in service and the resulting increased demand for maintenance work.


Gulfstream extends its geographical footprint with the opening of new facilities in key markets. In 2014 the company opened a 5,000 sq. ft. parts and materials distribution center near Los Angeles, further expanding its service and support network. The center located at Van Nuys Airport serves customers in the western US and Canada, minimizing shipping costs and delivery time.

The company in addition opened an Asia Customer Support Contact Center in Hong Kong, with an initial focus on over-the-counter sales and warranty support. The center is located near Hong Kong International Airport, as it is the central location for the Asia.

Also in 2014 the company opened a new sales and design center in Long Beach, California, providing customers an option to personalize their aircraft's interior and paint.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Savannah, GA 31408-9643
Phone: 1 (912) 965-3000


Employer Type: Privately Owned
President: Mark L. Burns
CFO: Dan Clare
SVP Operations: Dennis Stuligross
Employees (This Location): 4,157
Employees (All Locations): 8,068

Major Office Locations

Savannah, GA

Other Locations

Valencia, CA
New Milford, CT
West Palm Beach, FL
Port Wentworth, GA
Rincon, GA
Savannah, GA
Naperville, IL
Westfield, MA
Las Vegas, NV
Brentwood, TN
Coppell, TX
Dallas, TX
Arlington, VA