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About GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics Inc.

Allied to aluminum and totally committed to titanium, GKN Aerospace fabricates components (such as doors, ducts, enclosures, exhaust nozzles, keels, and bulkheads) for commercial and military aircraft, as well as spacecraft. The company, a subsidiary of auto parts maker GKN, specializes in lightweight chemically milled titanium and aluminum alloy parts for engines, airframe structures, and launch vehicles. GKN Aerospace has made components for Aerojet, Allison, Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, and other aerospace companies. Additional products include complex welds, cases, modules, pressure vessels, and rings. The company was founded in 1953.


GKN Aerospace has two service groups: Aerospace Components and Aviation Repair. Aerospace Components specializes in its branded lightweight Unistructure and Unisandwich chemically-milled alloy parts for engines, airframe structures, and launch vehicles. Every new military fighter and bomber aircraft jet engine built in America since 1976 has utilized Unistructure bypass ducts.

Aviation Repair has the capability of handling repairs for major manufacturers including International Aero Engines, Honeywell, and General Electric. Chem-tronics repairs fan and compressor blades, fan disks, and cases for jet engines in service around the world. It applies protective carbide coatings to improve the lifespan of blades and increase their durability.

Geographic Reach

The company operates in more than 60 locations across three continents.


In order to grow its business, GKN Aerospace is focusing on areas such as building upon its existing programs for new aircraft platforms and pursuing long term contracts on selective high-growth and long-running platforms. It also aims to deploy new technologies for future commercial and military aircraft, improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and minimize its environmental impact of aviation.

GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics Inc.

1150 W Bradley Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020-1504
Phone: 1 (619) 448-2320

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President Lean Manufacturing And Operations: Sue Barnes
Director Of Supply Chain: Brad Case
Indirect Services Manager: Ruth Stotts
Employees (This Location): 648
Employees (All Locations): 683

Major Office Locations

El Cajon, CA

Other Locations

El Cajon, CA
Santa Ana, CA