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About Atk Space Systems LLC

Northrop Grumman's major military systems include manned and autonomous aircraft such as the Global Hawk drone, a next-generation B-21 Raider bomber, and fuselage sections for the F-35 Lightening. Other products and services include various command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems that support the military from the ground, the air, and space. The company also offers software and services in support of national security for the US and its allies. The US government accounts for about 85% of Northrop Grumman's sales.


Northrop Grumman operates through four segments: Aerospace Systems, Mission Systems, Innovation Systems, and Technology Services.

Aerospace Systems (about 40% of sales) makes manned and unmanned military aircraft and laser weapon systems. The division also manufactures and integrates spacecraft systems and communications payloads in support of space-based C4ISR and science missions.

The company's Mission Systems segment (about 35% of sales) provides integration of net-enabled battle management systems and air and missile defense integration with land, air, and space systems. The division also offers shipboard missile and encapsulated payload launch systems, unmanned maritime vehicles, and under-sea sensors. Cyber mission capabilities include national security, missile warning and defense, and satellite communications. Additional offerings include radars and electronic warfare systems for ground-based and aircraft platforms.

Northrop Grumman's Technology Systems division (more than 10% of sales) offers software and systems sustainment, modernization, training, and logistics support for the US and its allies as well as to federal and civilian customers.

The Innovation Systems segment (about 15% of revenue) manufactures small-, medium-, and large-caliber ammunition, advanced guns, and missile propulsion systems. The unit also makes small- and medium-class space launch vehicles for placing satellites into earth orbit, and interceptor and target vehicles for missile defense systems. Other operations include production of satellites for communications and scientific research and spacecraft for delivering humans and cargo to the International Space Station. 

Products provide approximately 70% of the company's revenue, while roughly 30% derives from services. 

Geographic Reach

Northrop Grumman owns or leases about 55 million sq. ft. of floor space at approximately 545 separate locations, primarily in the US. In addition to the US, the company has operations in Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, and France.

Its segments are headquartered in Redondo Beach, California (Aerospace Systems); Linthicum, Maryland (Mission Systems); Herndon, Virginia (Technology Services); and Dulles, Virginia (Innovation Systems).

Sales and Marketing

The company serves domestic and international defense, civil, and commercial customers. The US government accounts for almost 85% of its revenues. Contracts with the US government are typically on a cost-type or fixed-price basis. Cost-type projects, which provide reimbursement for the contractor's incurred costs plus a fee, typically involve less risk. Fixed-price contracts are for a fixed amount regardless of potential cost overruns.

Financial Performance

Northrop Grumman's revenue has seen steady growth the last five years, rising 44% between 2015 and 2019. Growth during this period was chiefly driven by higher sales in the company's Aerospace Systems and Mission Systems segments.

Sales in 2019 increased 12% to $33.8 billion compared to $30.1 billion in 2018. 2019 sales increased $3.7 billion reflecting a full year of sales from Innovation Systems as well as higher sales at Aerospace Systems and Mission Systems, partially offset by lower sales at Technology Services. 

Net income decreased by $981 million to $2.2 billion in 2019 compared to $3.2 billion in 2018, principally due to an increase in the company's MTM expense, net of tax.

Cash at the end of 2019 was $2.2 billion. Cash from operations contributed to the coffer was $4.3 billion, while investing activities used $1.2 billion, mainly for capital expenditures. Financing activities used $2.4 billion, primarily in the form of payment of long-term debt, dividends payment, and stock repurchases.


The 2018 purchase of Orbital ATK was a transformational move for Northrop Grumman and was potentially one of its largest acquisitions to date. The deal expanded Northrop Grumman's offerings to include ammunition, gun systems, and missile propulsion systems, not to mention satellites and space launch vehicles for traveling to and from the International Space Station.

To fuel organic growth, Northrop Grumman is focused on the future frontiers of warfighting, space exploration, and information technologies. In 2019, the company was awarded a US Army contract to prototype a high energy laser weapon system mounted on Stryker combat vehicles for protection of frontline combat units. In the same year, the US Air Force has selected Northrop Grumman Corporation to deliver Cyber Enterprise Services (CES) on US Cyber Command's Unified Platform. Northrop Grumman is one of five companies each awarded $24 million over two years to perform the work.  Northrop Grumman is also developing the next-generation bomber plane, the B-21 Raider. The B-21 is expected eventually to replace the B-2 stealth bomber.

The company is also focused on growing its international sales. Northrop Grumman's international operations often take the form of joint ventures with foreign companies. An example is the company's joint venture that provides equipment fielding, training, maintenance, logistics and other support to Saudi Arabia's Ministry of the National Guard.

Company Background

The company originally was formed in Hawthorne, California, in 1939, as Northrop Aircraft Incorporated and was reincorporated in Delaware in 1985, as Northrop Corporation. The company was a principal developer of flying wing technology, including the B-2 Spirit bomber. The company developed into one of the largest defense contractors in the world through a series of acquisitions, as well as organic growth. In 1994, the company acquired Grumman Corporation (Grumman), after which time the company was renamed Northrop Grumman Corporation. Grumman was a premier military aircraft systems integrator and builder of the Lunar Module that first delivered humans to the surface of the moon. In 1996, Grumman acquired the defense and electronics businesses of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, a world leader in the development and production of sophisticated radar and other electronic systems for the nation's defense, civil aviation, and other U.S. and international applications. In 2001, we acquired Litton Industries, Inc., a global electronics and information technology company, and one of the nation's leading full service shipbuilders. Also in 2001, the company acquired Newport News Shipbuilding Inc., a leading designer and builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines. The following year, the company acquired TRW Inc., a leading developer of military and civil space systems and payloads, as well as a leading global integrator of complex, mission-enabling systems and services. In 2011, the company completed the spin-off to our shareholders of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. (HII). HII operates our former Shipbuilding business, comprised largely of a part of Litton Industries and Newport News Shipbuilding.

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