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About ATI Ladish Machining, Inc.

ATI Ladish tries to keep up with the latest developments in aerospace and industrial technology. ATI Ladish, an Allegheny Technologies (ATI) subsidiary, designs and manufactures high-strength forged and cast metal components for aerospace and industrial markets. In 2012, complex jet engine parts, missile components, landing gear, helicopter rotors, and other aerospace products generated about 60% of ATI's High Performance Metals segment sales; general industrial components accounted for bulk of the remainder. Major aerospace customers include Boeing, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, United Technologies, and GE.


ATI Ladish produces advanced aerospace and other forged and cast metal components for the commercial transport, military jet fighters, cargo aircraft and helicopters, launch vehicles, mining, defense, and general industrial markets.

Financial Performance

The High Performance Metals segment of ATI Ladish's parent reported a 12% increase in revenues, with sales to the aerospace and defense markets up 13%, thanks to a full year of ATI Ladish sales, which offset reduced demand in the jet engine aftermarket.


The very nature of ATI Ladish's industry is capital-intensive and raw material costs can vary greatly. Titanium, a staple component in aircraft and aerospace parts manufacturing, increased in cost by more than 70% in a decade. Other key materials, such as aluminum and nickel-based superalloys, have seen similar price swings. To mitigate the high cost of raw materials, the company recycles by-products, such as machine turnings and test pieces.

Company Background

In 2011 Allegheny Technologies (ATI) acquired and renamed Ladish, and joined its operations with ATI's High Performance Metals segment.

The deal, valued at approximately $778 million, enabled the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of stainless and specialty steels and alloys to expand the scope of its product portfolio and customer base, particularly in the aerospace market. Ladish also benefited; its technology and manufacturing capacity complemented ATI's footprint while preserving its own established business.

ATI Ladish started in 1905 when Herman Ladish bought a 1,500-lb steam hammer.

ATI Ladish Machining, Inc.

311 Prestige Park Rd
East Hartford, CT 06108-1928
Phone: 1 (860) 688-3688

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President of Customer Service: Susan Campbell
Corrosion Laboratory Manager: Wah Chang
Director: Neil Young
Employees (This Location): 47
Employees (All Locations): 126

Major Office Locations

East Hartford, CT

Other Locations

South Windsor, CT