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About Magellan Aerospace, Middletown, Inc.

Magellan Aerospace navigates the frontiers of civil and defense aviation. The company manufactures aeroengines, aerospace components, and related systems through subsidiaries. A short list of Magellan Aerospace's products includes engine frames; engine and transmission housings; aircraft and helicopter fuselages; and suborbital and meteorological rockets. The company also supplies parts for energy markets and offers jet engine and component repair and overhaul (R&O) services. Major customers have included Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. The company's largest market is Canada.


Magellan Aerospace reports primarily with its aerospace segment. The segment includes design, development, manufacture, repair and overhaul, sale of systems and components for defense and civil aviation. It is divided into two groupings: aerostuctures product, which includes precision casting of airframe-mounted components; and aeroengines product, which manufactures complex castings, fabricated and machined gas turbine engine components, and others. 

Magellan Aerospace produces approximately 85% of total revenue from sale of goods and around 15% from services.

Geographic Reach

Magellan Aerospace generates more than 35% of total sales from its home country Canada. The US and Europe each accounts for more than 30% of total sales. The company has about 20 offices located in Canada, Europe, India and the US.

Sales and Marketing

Magellan Aerospace supplies international customers through its aerostructures product grouping by producing components to aerospace tolerances using high-conventional and high-speed automated machining centers.

Financial Performance

Note: Growth rates may differ after conversion to US Dollars.

Magellan Aerospace Corporation's figures have seen inconsistent growth in the last five years. Despite struggling to maintain consistent growth year after year, revenues had an overall growth of 7% between 2015 and 2019. Net income fell even lower at 15% in the same five-year period.

Revenues for 2019 increased by 5% to C$1 billion from C$966.8 million the year prior. Revenues were impacted by the fluctuation of the United States dollar and British pound against the Canadian dollar when the corporation translates its foreign operations to Canadian dollars. Further, the fluctuation of the British pound relative to the United States dollar impacts the performance of the corporation's European operations. 

Net income decreased 24% to C$67.4 million in 2019 from C$89.1 million in 2018 mainly due to lower gross margin as a result of lower production volumes on certain programs, production inefficiencies in certain operating divisions and higher manufacturing costs, and the costs incurred for the implementation of a new ERP program. 

Cash at the end of the year was C$69.6 million, a C$7.7 million increase from the year prior. Cash from operations generated C$104.2 million, while investing and financing activities used C$62.3 million and C$34.2 million, respectively. Magellan Aerospace's main cash uses in 2019 were purchases of property, plant and equipment, lease liability payments, business acquisitions, and dividends paid.


Magellan Aerospace Corporation seeks to balance its participation in each sector and within its customer base to manage market risk. It also invests in the early stages of new programs to ensure long-term participation. 

Magellan is also looking to further expand its business and services. In early 2019, it opened its new manufacturing and assembly facility in India. This new cellular machining and assembly plant will specialize in high-speed milling and turning of aerostructure and aeroengine components produced from both aluminum and hard metal materials. This new facility, coupled with Magellan's extensive machining operations in Europe and North America, offers an exceptional and full range of solutions for its customers in meeting their operational and value requirements. 

It has also acquired several contracts in recent years. In 2019 the Royal Canadian Air Force licensed Magellan to manufacture illumination flares, the agreement valued at C$48 million. It also managed to secure contracts valued at C$45 million with an undisclosed customer for engine front frames and shafts for a commercial platform. One of its more recent contracts in 2020 includes providing Black Brand sounding rocket motors to The German Aerospace Center that is estimated to generate revenue of up to $9.4 million over the term of the agreement.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In late 2019, Magellan Aerospace acquired Service Inter Industrie (SII). SII, based in France, is an aerospace component supplier. SII specializes in precision machining of critical components used in the manufacture of civil and military helicopters as well as components for the fixed wing commercial and defense aerospace markets. The acquisition provides new growth vehicle for Magellan Aerospace and expands its business in France.

Magellan Aerospace, Middletown, Inc.

2320 Wedekind Dr
Middletown, OH 45042-2390
Phone: 1 (513) 422-2751

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Director of Fin: John Furbay
Information Technology Manager: Brian Kearns
QA Quality Control Manager: Jim Wasson
Employees (This Location): 100
Employees (All Locations): 125

Major Office Locations

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