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About Kennedy Wieden Inc

Wieden + Kennedy has made "it" big. The independent advertising agency is best known for the NIKE slogan "Just do it." Its roster of high-profile clients also includes Heineken, Levi Strauss, and Target. Expanding on its traditional advertising services, the agency launched Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment (WKE), a subsidiary delivering blogs and audio and video content. In addition, it operates a technology-oriented business incubator called the Portland Incubator Experiment that helps Portland-based tech startups through offering a small stipend, office space, and mentorship services. Wieden + Kennedy was founded by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy in 1982.

Geographic Reach

Wieden + Kennedy has international offices in Amsterdam, London, New Delhi, São Paulo, Shanghai, and Tokyo, in addition to its US locations in New York City and Portland, Oregon.


Wieden + Kennedy often attracts a lot of attention with its television commercials, to the delight of its clients. Many of its campaigns now incorporate a digital and social media strategy, including YouTube clips and a Twitter feed, with great success.

Kennedy Wieden Inc

224 NW 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97209-2920
Phone: 1 (503) 937-7000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Managing Director, London: Neil Christie
COO: David Luhr
President: Dan Wieden
Employees (This Location): 361
Employees (All Locations): 928