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““Be Careful What You Wish For... ””

Clickbooth provided a fair salary, 100% paid benefits for yourself, a casual dress code, "Google"-like workplace model with" unlimited vacation" and flexible hours to come in when you want as long as you work 8 hours.

The amenities were nice on the surface: Bistro, two arcades, free snacks and drinks, pool table, basketball court and a daycare available behind it, and...a slide...

Well. This was short. You may want to grab a sandwich or take a bathroom break before reading the "Cons"...


Flexible hours means for everyone. You come in at 7:30am, take a lunch and try to leave at 4:30pm, Good Luck. Many in management come in around 10 to 11 IF you're lucky, which means they stay later and hand off projects, approve projects, and create new ones later.

The concept of work life balance is lost here. Maybe it's the "younger, fast paced, industry, passionate, insert keyword here" demo of a majority of the workforce there from the top down. When someone gets a yearly award the word "passion" is used about 6 times (I counted) when talking about them and by the end it came off like "sacrifice". I prefer not to have guilt spending time with my family when not at work, nor do I feel like being penalized either. "The Internet doesn't sleep" is a load of manure for lack of a more colorful term as an excuse.

Do you have integrity, tact, and self respect? There's a plastic lined receptacle under your desk to store it in while at work. The concept of promoting all the positive aspects of what you do is lost in favor of frat humor about the competitor. No one should be asked to create fake accounts and post positive comments on blogs and articles. Someone makes a complaint online? Just delete it so no none can see it, no addressing the issue, no external accountability.

There are no set policies or guidelines or even best practices for doing anything, which means nothing to fall back on. No training as they prefer to have you "jump in the deep end and see how you do". That also means each new employee replacing an previous one has no idea where they left off.

They'll call it a "family", and it is... For those who make it to the 3 to 5 year mark and beyond and it's very cliquey. There is a big difference between "friendly" and "friends". I'd say give it 6 to 12 months before you let ANYONE there onto your Facebook. It will be picked apart, monitored, and thrown back in your face.

Management sho

Advice to Candidates

There are 3 types of employees there:

1) Disliked their job but didn't care because they were paid well.

2) Disliked their job and actively seeking a new one.

3) Drank the kool-aid in the break room and loved the company.

All that said, if you are a single guy or gal right out of college that still wants to feel like they are in college, but swapping out the late nights of homework and projects for work and projects, this may still be a good fit for you.

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