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“Still struggling after 2017 Petya-like cybertheft. WSJ says CEO stole from WPP”

The commute is easy and the trains are easily accessible.


Lost revenue (because CEO stole from his own company) and client mistrust have negatively affected company stock (down almost 35%); clients have fled to honest+reputable ad agencies. After 6 months since the cyberattack, the company is severely struggling wiht fallout of CEO theft of company assets and clinet fleeing from overcharges and click-bait ad scams. It will take years before normalization (if ever) and pharmaceutical clients will be lost for good. Unfortunately, management is trying to fake that everything is all right when it clearly is not. Fake happy FaceBook-like coffee and breakfast updates emails from new management only prove that the cover-up is alive and real.

Overworked, long hours, time off not generous enough, nasty co-workers.

Advice to Candidates

Do not apply. Martin Sorrel has been reported stealing company assets, which means stealing from us employees and its clients alike. The company is embarrassed to release the findings of its internal investigation, but we employees were told through the grapevine that there is evidence Martin Sorrel stole from us.

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