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About Research Now Group, LLC

The gift e-Rewards offers customers is online research. Doing business as Research Now, the company specializes in providing firms with millions of online research panelists (including health care and young adult panels), enabling clients to interact with consumers and business executives. Research Now supports research study applications such as advertising effectiveness, brand comparison, and customer satisfaction. Serving more than 3,000 clients, it owns consumer panels with more millions of respondents coming from almost 40 countries. The company was founded in 1999.


e-Rewards operates through its business units Research Now, e-Miles, Peanut Labs, Conversition, and iPinion.

Geographic Reach

e-Rewards operates from more than 20 offices around the world. Research Now offers international research services with samples from panels in Belgium, India, Germany, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. Its international sample types include IT professionals, physicians, and specialty consumer (audio, video games).


e-Rewards has used partnerships to spur expansion. The company partnered with website Kiva to become Kiva's exclusive partner for market research surveys.

Research Now Group, LLC

5800 Tennyson Pkwy STE 600
Plano, TX 75024-3992
Phone: 1 (214) 365-5000


Employer Type: Privately Owned
Chairman: Donald J. Carty
President and CEO: Kurt Knapton
EVP Global Operations: John Tan
Employees (This Location): 450
Employees (All Locations): 600

Major Office Locations

Plano, TX

Other Locations

Encino, CA
San Francisco, CA