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About Criteo


Criteo is an international powerhouse of digital marketing and commerce. What began as a small startup in Paris has quickly grown to a worldwide operation that’s leading the way in digital marketing. Criteo has a growing toolkit of digital advertising products that allow companies to curate a marketing plan that best fits their needs. The company is at the top of its field, and is the go-to advertising group for the world’s leading companies. Customers like Macy’s, Fiat, Sephora, and Pepsi all work with Criteo for their online advertising needs. In 2018, Sephora launched a Similar Audience Campaign with Criteo, one of their most innovative advertising products. Over 7 million unique users were reached online, vastly expanding Sephora’s customer base.

Part of Criteo’s industry-leading strategy comes from its keen awareness of the cultural climate. In a March 2021 blog post, Criteo cited a recently published survey on “consumer sentiment during Covid-19.” Most customers said that they were receiving ads that were “inappropriate,” but still wanted to receive advertisements and content from those brands. “Considering these two elements,” said Criteo, “along with a measurable surge in online activity during the pandemic, the need to ensure safe and compliant advertising has never been higher.” Criteo addressed the issue with Criteo Ad Safety. The tool uses AI-powered image recognition to filter out unsafe images and assures a positive, carefully curated advertisement experience so both customers and companies benefit.

Flowing with creativity and innovation, Criteo is not only helping other companies progress and develop, but is constantly evolving itself, making for a fast-paced and energetic work environment like no other. Criteo is led by CEO Megan Clarken. She was named by Adweek as “one of the most important figures in media,” and boasts a resume with stints as President of Watch, Chief Commercial Officer of Nielsen Global Media, and more. Her work has been incredibly influential on the industry, and her leadership at Criteo is a major factor in the company’s success and growth. While they may seem like they’re already on top of the world, Criteo has even more potential to expand and create innovative and visionary digital marketing tools. As the internet becomes a principal connection between companies and their clients, challenges in online connections between them are on the rise. Criteo is here to meet them.


32 Rue Blanche
Phone: 33 1 40 40 22 90

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
CEO: Megan Clarken
Employees (All Locations): 2,755

Major Office Locations

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ann Arbor, MI
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Dubai, UAE
Grenoble, Echirolles
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Istanbul, Turkey
London, England UK
Los Angeles, CA
Madrid, Spain
Miami, FL
Milano, Italy
Moscow, Russia
Munich, Germany
New York, NY
Osaka, Japan
Palo Alto, CA
Paris, France
San Francisco, CA
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Seoul, South Korea
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tokyo, Japan