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About Birdsall, Voss & Associates, Inc.

Birdsall Voss & Associates, doing business as BVK, (not to be confused with BKV) is a full-service advertising agency that works in four divisions. BVK/G centers on the health care industry, creating ad campaigns for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. BVK/Meka targets the Hispanic community, and BVK Direct places ads in the yellow pages. BVK even oversees a volunteer-run, pro bono agency called Serve Marketing that creates compelling campaigns for charitable causes and social issues, such as teen pregnancy and drunk driving. BVK was founded in 1984 by Don Birdsall (retired) and president Michael Voss. Besides its Milwaukee headquarters, BVK has about a dozen offices throughout the US.

Birdsall, Voss & Associates, Inc.

250 W Coventry CT Ste 300
Milwaukee, WI 53217-3966
Phone: 1 (414) 228-1990

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Partner: Rob Birdsall
Vp Account Group Director: Jim Grothey
Exec VP: Larry Swanlund
Employees (This Location): 114
Employees (All Locations): 200