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About Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

Wanted: leaders 

Stonefield Josephson believes that a strong team is comprised of quality individuals and ambitious leaders.  The firm is big on finding candidates with not only the right qualifications, but also innate leadership qualities.  Such qualities include knowledge of telemarketing strategies and techniques, superior communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work independently and in a team-based environment.  The firm’s careers website lists current job openings and includes useful tips (create the best possible resume, prepare for the interview and dress to impress) you can use to demonstrate to Stonefield recruiters that you have what it takes.  Those who become Stonefield Josephson employees will enjoy an environment that promotes work/life balance, and supports personal growth and fulfillment. 

Chinese partners

As one of the only U.S. accounting firms with an office in China, Stonefield Josephson is poised to take advantage of the growing economy of one of the U.S.’s top trade partners.  The firm services U.S. companies that have businesses in China with U.S. GAAP and IFRS audits and conversions, U.S. SEC advisory, contract compliance, internal audits, due diligence and royalty audits.

Through its networking tool called “SJ Connect,” the firm draws upon professionals in various disciplines beyond accounting to enable its clients “to reliably establish structure and maintain successful operations in China.”  The service can hook its participants up to professionals such as attorneys, commercial bankers, human resource executives, insurance agents, investment bankers, personal finance planners, private equity groups and venture capitalists.  SJ Connect is also linked up to the China Specialty Practice for those who are interested in pursuing business in China.

Stonefield Josephson notes that trade between China and the U.S. has gone from $7.9 billion to $170 billion since 1986 and there are “significant business opportunities throughout the Pacific Rim.”  With services on the ground, Stonefield Josephson encourages U.S. businesses that have Pacific Rim operations to consider it as its go-to accountancy. 

Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

2049 Century Park East
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 453-9400

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner: Jeffrey Garrison
2010 Employees (All Locations): 138

Major Office Locations

Los Angeles, CA