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Mid-level in ConsultingOther2019VERIFIED EMPLOYEE
Salary & Benefits Review

I graduated two years ago and have many friends who decided to accept other employment in the are at other firms. I don't know a single person who makes more than I do (pre-bonus and commission). I actually know a person in the area who's been a CPA for 7 years and I was paid more before my CPA designation than she was after 7 years. Additionally, we are given Becker study materials, 5 days off to take the CPA exam, and exam reimbursement once all the tests are passed. Plus, a bonus for passing in 1-2 years. We are compensated for referring clients, for assisting in the sales/proposal process, given bonus' when promoted, and end of the year bonus' for the top employees. I made also $15,000 above my base compensation with all this considered. The worst aspect is that lower performing employees or new employees won't see all this extra pay, which can be discouraging.

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