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At KPMG, we’re extremely proud of our rich history. We just marked the 120th anniversary of our firm, and we’re honored to celebrate this milestone and our history of service to our clients, our communities, and each other! Our culture makes KPMG unique, and it’s defined by the collective behaviors of each and every individual that makes up this great firm. Our people, past and present, are responsible for building a wonderful legacy... and creating KPMG’s story.

Join us in Audit: Quality, Innovation and Integrity

Joining us in audit, you'll help ensure the integrity and transparency of the capital markets. Maintaining the confidence that is essential for the markets to function.

KPMG clients look to our audit professionals to provide a high-quality financial statement audit as well as industry insight and valuable perspectives on salient business issues. Each of our engagements is tailored to the client’s operational structure, industry and size, in order to meet professional standards and our stakeholders’ needs. Our proprietary tools and use of advanced technologies positions our team members to perform high-quality audits.

Your career in audit

At KPMG, you will be prepared for a robust, fulfilling and dynamic audit career. We invest significant time, energy and funds into developing our audit professionals and advancing our practice to keep pace with the evolving operating environments by providing blended learning curriculums that bring together technology-based learning options with immersive in-person classroom experiences.

Technology in audit

KPMG recognizes the value behind our auditors’ skills and mindsets and is working steadily to introduce new technologies that will free auditors from repetitive tasks. As a result, our auditors can spend more time on high judgment audit areas and insightful tasks, resulting in greater job satisfaction.

Your value in audit

Working in audit at KPMG means being part of a multidisciplinary team with a thorough understanding of the transforming power of new technologies, financial reporting, technical accounting and auditing standards, and the necessary business skills to provide value to our clients and other key stakeholders. We hire audit professionals who are ready to provide an independent, accurate and transparent audit.

Your commitment to quality, innovation and integrity is key to your success and ours.