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“H& R Block First Year”

Learning about the current tax laws

Class was virtual so I was in my own space doing the work

Lots of case studies to learn from

Many different resources available


The pay is dismal especially for all the training. 70 hour course plus company training - close to 100 hours of classwork to get offered a job just over minimum wage. A training wage of $8.75 an hour to work up to $10. For having to go through so much training and putting your own credentials out there (with a PTIN) you would think they would pay a little better. I can go to the local Sheetz or Walmart and get paid more - with less requirements.

They tell you its a flexible schedule but it really isnt. You are scheduled time to be in the office waiting for clients to walk in.

Advice to Candidates

I would ask lots of questions and get everything in writing.,

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