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About Horne LLP

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Mississippi-based Horne LLP, formerly known as Horne CPA Group, is one of the top 10 CPA firms in the Southeast, offering a slew of services.  Horne provides accounting, assurance, business valuation, tax, retirement plan consulting and administration, forensic and litigation consulting, business advisory, investment advisory, disaster relief management, business outsourcing and accounting and government outsourcing and compliance services.  Its clients include physicians, financial institutions, hospitals and health systems, construction companies and franchises in 48 states.

Horne Financial Services, the firm’s affiliate in Jackson, Miss., provides comprehensive financial planning, trust and investment planning, estate planning and wealth management services.  Further afield, Horne arrived in Arizona in 2006 through the acquisition of local CPAs Moran, Quick & Associates; in 2007, it opened its newest offices in Hattiesburg, Miss. and Memphis, Tenn.

Gulf Coast’s good citizens

Founded in 1962, Horne has grown from its base in Mississippi to offices in Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona.  With its strong presence on the Gulf Coast, Horne, like so many others entities, felt the impact of Hurricane Katrina.  Now back on its feet and working at full capacity, Horne continues to provide disaster management services to companies and government agencies in the region. 

The firm’s custom technology solutions offer secure online access to workflow and documentation, and Horne professionals have become adept at navigating the maze of FEMA programs, Public Assistance funding programs, Hazard Mitigation Grant programs, Stafford Act programs and other federal relief efforts that remain part of the rebuilding process.

Stick to what you do best

These days it’s no longer enough to provide great accounting services; most small firms acknowledge the importance of marketing and advertising in growing their businesses.  Horne is keeping pace with industry standards, but it has its priorities straight when it comes to tooting its own horn.  According to partner Rusty Butcher, Horne isn’t relying on many gimmicks to attract and retain clients.  “We have a business development team, and one of their responsibilities is to contact potential clients and targets and help introduce the firm to them,” he told the Memphis Business Journal in June 2008.  “As for existing clients, the burden there falls to the folks who work with those clients, the engagement team.”

The bottom line is Horne hasn’t poured millions into gussied-up ad campaigns tailored to, say, Sarbanes-Oxley.  Butcher says, “Our main effort has been to re-emphasize what have always been our core values, such as independence, integrity and honesty.  All of these have become more significant since SOX.”  Still, Horne recently launched a new brand identity (and a spiffy web site) based on the firm’s commitment to “building lasting relationships” with its clients and the communities in which it works.

No blues in Memphis

Horne landed in Memphis in June 2007, opening an office that serves clients (particularly financial institutions) in west Tennessee and north Mississippi.  The Memphis operation proved successful, and in July 2008, Horne announced plans for expansion.  First and foremost, the firm acquired an additional 2,000 square feet to expand its office in the Renaissance Center in East Memphis.  Senior manager Renee Patey said the new space gave Horne a total of about 5,000 square feet, and not a moment to soon.  “We have managers that are sharing offices, we have associates sharing cubicles,” she said.  Post-expansion, Horne’s 18 staffers could be joined by as many as 12 new professionals.

Services in Memphis are expanding as headcount grows.  The location built its business serving community banks, but according to Patey, it’s attracting more retail, manufacturing and health care clients.  The next step will involve adding a tax practice to the Memphis office’s current audit business.

Who’s at the top?

Horne managing partner Hugh Parker has over 25 years of experience in business valuation and litigation support.  A PhD as well as a CPA, Parker teaches CPA continuing education courses across the country, and has been recognized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as an Outstanding CPE Instructor.  Parker serves as volunteer campaign chair of the Millsaps College Else School of Business, and as chairman of the board of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

Some noteworthy executive moves came in the fall of 2008.  In September, the Nashville office added Jason Darby, who became manager of state and local tax services.  One month later the Memphis office took a solid step toward establishing its tax practice, hiring Allen Poole as that city’s director of tax services.

Making busy season better

“Busy season,” in accounting parlance, typically refers to the late winter and early spring run-up to April 15th filing deadlines.  But at a diversified firm like Horne, “busy seasons” may fall at different times for accountants, financial advisors, audit specialists and consultants.  As partner Rusty Butcher explained to WebCPA, Horne has come up with a number of ways to mitigate busy season for everyone, no matter when it falls.

“We work with our team members through each of their deadline-driven time periods through a variety of means,” he said, citing Horne’s flexible work schedules, employee assistance program and wellness initiatives as examples.  “During the tax busy season, we enhance our usual benefits like bringing in meals and snacks more often than normal,” he added.  “Some offices even add a concierge that runs errands like picking up dry cleaning and getting oil changes for team members.”

Most importantly, “team members in other areas of the firm do what they can to alleviate unnecessary stress or extra project deadlines” for their co-workers who are coping with seasonal pressures.

Horne LLP

200 E. Capitol St., Ste. 1400
Jackson, MS 39225-2964
Phone: (601) 948-0940

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Executive Partner: Hugh J. Parker
2011 Employees (All Locations): 507

Major Office Locations

Jackson, MS