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by Derek Loosvelt | December 27, 2016



In 2016, Snapchat went global, the video interview went mainstream, and a reality TV star was elected President of the United States. But while we all were busy watching ourselves and others on big and small screens this year, we also found time to read blogs, articles, stories, and lists. And here's what our readers were most interested in reading on our site in 2016.

1. The Real Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job
In February, just after Valentine's Day, we wrote about the various reasons why people should break up with their jobs. From feeling under-appreciated to not clicking with your boss, we offered the signs that tell you it's time to look for a job you really love.

2. How Obama Could Get Garland on SCOTUS Before Trump's Inauguration
In November, a day after the presidential election, our law editor wrote that there was still a way—and then outlined that way—President Obama could get Merrick Garland, his Supreme Court Justice nominee, on the court during the last two months of his presidency. 

3. 5 Positive Traits That Might Hurt Your Career
In May, we wrote that in our quest to be great employees, we often don’t realize that many of the positive traits people commend us on could in fact be detrimental to our careers. Then we offered some tips on how to make sure these traits don't hurt us.

4. Why Millennials Refuse to Work for Big Banks
In April, our finance editor wrote about a big problem now facing Wall Street banks: many millennials believe that a job in finance is no longer what it once was, that it's no longer all that prestigious, that it's no longer all that admirable, that it's no longer where you can gain the best experiences that will set you up for a long, prosperous, challenging career.

5. The Mistakes I Made During Job Interviews
In March, we examined some of the mistakes we've made in interviews (from not bringing enough resumes to asking the wrong questions) and how you can learn from and avoid these missteps.

6. 5 Steps for Becoming a Great Negotiator
In July, our consulting editor caught up with expert negotiator Natalie Reynolds and spoke with her about the DEALS method—a five-step process that Reynolds says can make anyone a better negotiator, regardless of whether you’re trying to structure an international aid package, angling for a pay raise, or just trying to get a better price on a used car.

7. Want a Short Commute? Don't Live Here
In March, we wrote about the growing body of research that suggests that less is more when it comes to work commutes. Not only are long commutes an incredible time-suck, but they're also bad for your health and bad for your marriage. And they're worse for women than men. We also pointed out those cities with the longest and shortest commutes.

8. How to Talk About Brexit in a Job Interview
In July, UK citizens voted to leave the EU—a move known as Brexit. The sole member of the Vault team who had a vote in the referendum (our consulting editor is a UK citizen) took the opportunity to explain what was going on—in part because it was a question that would soon be coming up in job interviews.

9. 3 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
Most interview questions are straightforward, designed to find out what you know. But some interview questions are tricky, aiming to assess how you might act in high-pressure situations. Since this second type is very hard to prepare for, in November we compiled some tips to help you deal with three of the trickiest interview questions you're likely to come across.

10. The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Your Career
Instagam now has more than 600 million monthly users, double the number it had two years ago. In April, we scoured the Instagram universe to find those accounts (excluding ours) with the best workplace and career tips.

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