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by Cathy Vandewater | February 01, 2013


Today in news-we're-hoping-is-just-a-bad-joke, we bring you an app that helps you find office romance. Well, depending on your definition of "romance."

You know that new app, Bang with Friends? The one that scours your Facebook contacts for hook up fodder?

Well, since it's currently at 30,000 and counting users (with 5 new people signing up per minute), somebody decided to take things a step further with the piggy-backing app "Bang with Professionals."

Sound like a terrible idea? It is!

No really, it is. Here's the proof: click over to your LinkedIn account.

Go ahead, we'll wait.

You see these people? That hiring manager you had an interview with last month? Your friend's boss at that cool start up that you met at a party?

These are people that Bang with Professionals will contact for you for casual flings.

Of course, they'll only be notified of their your interest if they too are interested in "more" (as the site so delicately puts it). But we still wouldn't recommend using the app until it promises to disable everybody's "print screen" function.

What do you think of BWP? Tell us about it in the comments. Chances are this is all one big hoax, but it's interesting to think about the repercussions of something like this.

And if you've got any juicy IRL office romance stories, please share those too! We're collecting "data" (re: your salacious in-office tryst stories) for our Office Romance Survey for just a few more days. Take it here before it's too late!

--Cathy Vandewater,

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