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March 10, 2009


Everybody is talking about it, but some HR Managers are having more success at it than others. The "it", of course, is finding talented workers for hard-to-fill spots like IT, accounting, technical, and sales. This article will round up some popular strategies that can help you come out on top in the war for attracting high quality employees.

Hiring Bounties

How effective is your program? Some companies have raised theirs, particularly for the highest demand positions. Compare the cost of other forms of recruiting, and it is easy to justify referal bonuses in the thousands of dollars for hard to fill jobs.

Recruiting Customers

Your customers are interested in your product - they buy it! Signs in the store, catalog, and in customer mailings should highlight the benefits of working where they shop.

Send Referral Letters Home

Just don't announce programs that reward employees who refer new hires at work. Send letters home so the employee's spouse and family see it - your offer might get more attention and expand the available universe that way.

Involve Top Management in Strategy

Some criticize HR as strictly a staff function. Well, get pro-active. Ask top management to meet with you and brainstorm on how to get more and better new hires. Present facts and figures about current recruiting efforts and needs. You will acquaint them with your efforts, and their involvement will mean better support for more effective programs.

Get Help with Your Ad Strategy

Consider hiring an ad agency specializing in recruitment to help you write and place more effective ads. They do this everyday and can help you get better results. Consider placing the ads in popular but non-traditional spots, like near the sports or hi-tech pages. Test on-line recruiting boards to see what works. And keep track of the results from different versions, dates, and media - over time you'll see what works best.

Look for Retirees and Boomerangs

A lot of people who retire get bored or find they miss the workplace. Similarly, many people who switch jobs find the grass not so green. Have a regular program that keeps in touch with these folks, and lets them know they are welcome back.

Treat Applicants Like Prospects

Be available at different hours to accommodate their schedule. Have everyone on the interview team up to speed on all aspects of the job, and get back to applicants quickly. Go out of your way to make it a positive experience to interview at your company.

Skills are Important

One recent survey found the most important thing recent grads and most other employees want is to develop new skills. Look at each job and candidate that way - what skills can we offer you?


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